The Bigger Picture

We all know returning from illness and injury is one of the MOST frustrating things we do as athletes.

We’re mentally and on some levels physically ready to tackle the challenges, but in reality our bodies are still needing that extra bit of TLC to get us back to our previous level of performance.

For me, it’s all about being told that I “CAN”T” do something. Y’all know running isn’t my greatest passion, but tell me I can’t do it or that I can’t do it adequately….

It just doesn’t go over very well.

So as I make my way back to running…SLOWLY…it has been a 2 steps forward, 15 steps backwards kind of process. However, I am oh so grateful for each and every one of those pain-free steps.

I’ve finally succumb to the fact that racing for anything other than a finish (and improved transition times 😉 ), this season, is simply unrealistic.

The bigger picture is more important and that’s to be back running strong by fall; training for Galveston 70.3 and Gulf Coast 70.3 by the holidays.

So while I’ll participate in my scheduled “events” throughout the summer, there are no huge expectations tied to performance. I’ll be very grateful to have the ability to say I RAN out of T2 and finished the day.

Ran always sounds better than run!!

On that note….

I want to take a minute to send some Good Luck  mojo to everyone racing this weekend….

A BIG shout out to those over in The Woodlands getting ready to tackle IMTX and in Haines City for Florida 70.3!! Y’all show em’ how it’s done!!

And most importantly…a huge, HUGE wish of strength and fortitude to my husband, who is just mentally unstable enough to tackle a 10k open water swim over in Pensacola this Sunday.

6.2 miles is a long way in the Gulf, I don’t care how good of a swimmer you are….

I think I’ll be driving home from Florida Sunday afternoon 🙂

Race Happy, My Friends!!

6 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture

  1. I think the same way about running especially when I’ve been injured. I just want to be able to run and if that means I would have to trade in the speed for a slow run but still be able to physically run, I’d gladly make that trade.
    Thanks for the well wishes Jenn! I think your husband is my hero!

    • It’s so hard to forget and start getting greedy! Trying to keep things in check and be grateful for the 4-5 I’m now able to get done…regardless the pace!!

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