A Room With A View


a lil’ bit of overdue R&R…

what could be better…

view from the family room/back upper deck

Unless it’s combined with some good ole fashioned racing!!

It seems like FOREVER since I racked into transition and got body marked.

April is pretty close to forever, isn’t it???

Saturday we will be participating in the Grandman Triathlon in Fairhope, AL.

It’s just a short sprint consisting of a 600m swim, 18mi bike, and a 5k run, but enough to test the waters to see how my knee/ITB hold ups through some exertion as I start trying to get some running fitness back in time for the NOLA 5150 in late June.

As of now, things are progressing nicely and as expected. I can physically run the distance, but the heat and humidity is making it harder than I’d like.

I’m certainly not doing it at my spring pace. Some of that is due to the climate and some of it is simply due to simply needing to get my legs back.

All in good time.

For this race, my REAL goals have nothing to do with time or placement (REALLY, I SWEAR 🙂 )….

The short list:

  • lightening quick transition times
  • actually pushing my pace on the bike, to where I’m a bit uncomfortable, since I don’t need to worry about “saving” anything for the run…
  • swimming calm and relaxed, but strong and determined
  • to finish the 5k in under 30mins without discomfort…not the 7:56 pace of spring, but I wouldn’t hit that anyway with this heat and humidity
  • REALLY enjoy the event, realizing the 5150 is the next “big” one

I really should add figuring out the multi-sport function on my Garmin 910XT as well, but I can’t make any promises on THAT

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend training and racing.

Good Luck to everyone.

Stay Cool. Hydrate. It’s brutal out there!

Run Happy, My Friends!

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