Ahhh….Ok That’s Better!

This is me crying, “UNCLE!” 😉

I’ve gotten a zillion emails asking where the hell my race reports are…

No excuses…

Life has simply taken over….

Between our son graduating 8th grade, taking care of my husband after his 10k bride swim, our vacation which included ANOTHER triathlon, trying to regain some sort of run fitness after battling this ITB injury (while not injuring anything else in the process), and then taking a day to breathe….. I’ve simply fallen way behind.

REALLY far behind….

As in, my bike needs a new cockpit set-up and I can’t seem to find the time to get it done…. kind of far behind….

This week I’m working diligently to get everything taken care of, around here, once and for all. Even those little mundane tasks like paying the electric and water bills!! oopsie!

I’m also promising (loosely) to post my race re-caps later this week….I think…

most certainly before next weekend’s NOLA 5150!!

In the meantime, let us all:

It’s a freakin’ crazy time of year!!

Run Happy, My Friends!

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