I Got Your Luck Right Here!

Lots of folks….myself included….are heading to the starting line this weekend.

I wanted to put some good luck mojo out there, but then decided I know of no one who really needs it…

Why might that be you ask?

Are we all THAT good that we don’t warrant a lil’ extra hocus pocus as we make our way through our respective courses??

Of course not…

However, I do tend to believe that it’s all those months of hard work that’s gonna make the fairy dust flow….

So as you’re making your way through the challenges of the day, keep that in mind.

And remember….

Y’all are all “luckier” than most!

That being said…

Race strong, race proud, and as always…..

Race Happy, My Friends!

and kick a little ass along the way too!! 😉

3 thoughts on “I Got Your Luck Right Here!

  1. Thanks! Since they changed my meds, I’m always worried when I run. It changes every time I go out. Some days are great; others, I wonder why I even started. Tomorrow I’m just gonna go out and have fun. It’s #16 half for me! I’ve ran this race before so no surprises here. Thanks again for the motivation!

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