Hotter Than….

Hell in an oven right about now!

As a result, I was feeling my annual need to say something about how essential it is to adjust run paces to the heat, humidity, and overall misery of the great outdoors.

Every year twitter starts buzzing (twitting??) and the questioning starts on Daily Mile…

“Its so damn hot….How much should I slow down?”

Which really means,

“How much should I struggle to maintain my normal pace and hope I don’t keel over and die?”

It’s a given that we MUST dial things down a notch or two in the summer and if you’re the type that freaks (who me???) when the Garmin trends higher and higher as the temperature does the same,

Well, these two charts are for you…..


Another way to look at it below from

This was from long ago before he became the run/walk advocate he is today so this is geared more towards straight out runners….

Estimated temperature at finish – adjustment – 8min/mi becomes:

55-60 degrees – 1% – 8:05
60-65 degrees – 3% – 8:15
65-70 degrees – 5% – 8:25
70-75 degrees – 7% – 8:35
75-80 degrees – 12% – 8:58
80-85 degrees – 20% – 9:35
Above 85 degrees – Forget it… run for fun

You can check out the long version here:  if you’re so inclined, but the information isn’t new.

Keep in mind, these examples only factor the temperature. They are not adding time for long runs or recovery runs.

However, depending on where you’re reading this, some “experts” would argue that ALL summer running should be “easy” and that it’s a good time to put down the GPS for a few months.

Easier said than done, I know….I KNOW!!!

I tend to follow the 1st flow chart because heat and humidity combined tend to be our biggest issue down here in South Mississippi.

This morning, at 5:30am, our low was 88F and the humidity was 92%. Now when the sun rises the humidity drops a bit to the 70% range, but the temperature rises to the 95F range….

It usually only takes a week or two, struggling through June workouts, for me to realize why I consider the summer my “off-season.”

At the same time, it’s always good to keep things in perspective and realize it could always be worse!!


Y’all stay safe out there!

Run Happy, My Friends!

2 thoughts on “Hotter Than….

  1. I’m finding myself stopping to walk a lot more frequently than normal, and IT’S SURVIVAL. There are some days where there’s nothing I can do but head to the treadmill. I’d rather be slow and alive and fast and hauled away in an ambulance because I was too stubborn to slow down. Great reminder Jenn!

    • For the 1st time in years, I am actually thinking about joining a gym again just to have access to a treadmill…esp. for shorter runs where 3-5mi will kill right now day in and day out. I’m so slow and walk so much I don’t even think what I’m doing could qualify as running!!!

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