Friday Find: Cleaning House

Do you save your race bibs?

Around here we do….

ALL of them!!

And since 2 of us typically race each event, those bad boys add up quickly!

Which brings me to summer clean out…..

We finally decided to purge our closet of ALL race bibs.

But I was a little conflicted about just throwing them to the curb without a second thought.

A lot went into earning those bibs….hours of training, mental perseverance, and just flat-out hard work got us to the expos and allowed us to simply put on those bibs….

Earning the finishers medal is a whole different story and those puppies aren’t going ahh-neee-where anytime soon!!

But besides the effort and dedication involved, many of these of races have special meaning…..the 1st half-marathon, the 1st 70.3, the 1st DNF (kiddin’..heh 🙂 )!

And some are simply too damn cool looking to just toss in the garbage…

What to do??? What to do???

Enter the fantastic folks at

Scan your bibs, email them, and a week or so later…..

1st timers…

1st 70.3

AquaDocs 1st half-marathon….1:50 with virtually no training….love to hate him!

Stone Coasters!!!!

How fabulous is that!!!!

I will say, we did have to spray them with a coat of polyurethane to add a protective layer to them, but these things are AWESOME!!!!

A great way to preserve the memories and you can finally pitch that pile of bibs and gain a collection or racing memorabilia worthy for the coffee table!!!

I think we’ll be doing this at the end of each racing season from now on!!!

This summer has been highly productive and I’ve found lots of cool things that I’ll share with y’all in the coming weeks!!

I REALLY think you’re gonna like what I’ve found!!!

Until then…..

Ride Happy, My Friends!

7 thoughts on “Friday Find: Cleaning House

  1. What an awesome idea! Girlie you earned those bibs. I’m sure the only drinks that you will put on those coasters will be Hammer Strenght concotions…

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