You’ve Got Mail

And just in time for Kona!

Yesterday, my son brought in the mail and the daily smorgasbord of UPS boxes (when you live just north of hell, in BFE,  you really do order almost everything online)….

The daily delivery brought us:

  • Oil for the boat (a must…AquaDoc is a lil’ picky about what he puts in his vessel)
  • a new case for someone’s cell phone (not mine….???)
  • grape EFS (can’t go without my ‘lytes here in hell….kinnda hot and all)

and lastly….


I am not exaggerating when I tell you I went directly to the bedroom and devoured the ENTIRE thing in a few hours.


It is a truly fascinating look into the day-to-day life and musings of Craig Alexander.

If you were not a fan before (and I can’t imagine WHO you may be, but….), you certainly will be by the last page.

Every single page has multiple black and white photographs which have been perfectly woven into the autobiography itself

I honestly don’t have any real “favorites” when it comes to the pro field. I don’t root “against” one athlete in favor of another. I respect each and every one of them for their abilities, sacrifices, and extremely hard work.

That being said…..

Don’t be surprised, tomorrow, if you catch me cheering Craig Alexander all the way to the finish line.

Some things just can’t be helped! 😉

Race Happy, My Friends!

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