Third Times A Charm

Injury always seems to be a 1 step forward, two-step back kinnda thing…

As soon as the tide seems to turn in a positive direction, something happens and it’s back to square 1…..or at least square 2 or 3.

I got hurt back in March.


It’s now the end of October and I’m finally optimistic about 2013.

I’ve put in the time to rectify all that went wrong and while it’s an ongoing process, I’m FINALLY back to pain-free training.

I’ve logged over 4 weeks of 15+ mi/wk runs and while that doesn’t sound like much, just a few months ago this was impossible. There were days when I couldn’t make it 2 miles around the track because it just hurt too damn bad.

Then, once that eased, my running fitness was so shot I needed an oxygen tank to run an 11min/mi. A very hard pill to swallow knowing what I was doing this time last year.

But I  kept pushing forward, as we all do, trying desperately to not become discouraged or overwhelmed by frustration. Finally, within the last 2 weeks I was finally able to run an easy 10k in just under an hour.

No real struggle, no hard effort, just a nice hour run…..

I was able to accomplish it 2 weeks in a row, but decided to keep my excitement to myself because I didn’t want to jinx my good fortune.

Last Friday, I was able to knock it out a 3rd time. It took me a little longer that go round (1:00:20), but I was ready to log it and finally felt like it was ok to talk about it.

Third time’s a charm! 😉

That fear of sliding backwards, yet again, has been put to bed and good things are happening!

The Future’s Looking Bright!

Run Happy, my Friends!





3 thoughts on “Third Times A Charm

  1. Congrats! Little victories add up to winning the war! Keep listening to you body and being patient (easier said than done, I know)! Sounds like you are on the right track.

  2. yay, happy that you’re getting back into fitness!! Can totally relate to “one step forward 2 steps back.” Frustrating but we gotta think positive!! Sounds like the off season will be a productive one for you.

  3. I know that frustration too well. Patience is your friend during the comeback. Glad you’re coming back, I want to virtually train for Ironman with you! Strengthen all the weaknesses, come back, kick ass!

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