Ironman Florida- Volunteering

Last weekend we headed down to Panama City to watch a good friend race, what seems like, his millionth Ironman….

Hard to believe someone can do 2-3 of these things a year and yet NEVER be injured….I think I’m going to tell him to write a book and spill his secrets.

While there, I also volunteered in the medical tent from 6-11:30pm.


I’m still recovering from the nights events. The mental scars run deep!!

I saw things that I thought were only written about in books or televised for “shock and awe” value.

The 1 thing I did carry away, from my 5+ hours helping these poor people, is that there really is no such thing as being adequately hydrated.

If in doubt, drink. And then drink a lot more.

Every single issue I saw, minor (nausea/headaches) to major (full collapse and being carried on a stretcher to the ambulance) was caused by dehydration.

Stay on top of it!! I can not begin to stress that enough!

Luckily, everyone we knew, finished upright and in 1 piece despite a very hot and humid November afternoon.

And now, finally, the good stuff…

Here are a few pictures, of the day, for your viewing pleasure….



Race Happy, My Friends!

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