2013…Making it Great!

829HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of y’all…

and a big round of applause goes out to everyone for a stellar 2012!! Some great work was done by each of you! I hope y’all each took some time to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back! 😉

Now I know this seems a little late…

and if you read the latest snippets from yahoo, CNN or MSNBC this even makes me a bit….gasp, RUDE!

But my year doesn’t officially begin until everything returns to normal…..

The peeps are back in school, the pager is once again going off all night, and the pool has finally resumed its normal 5am-8pm hours!

Thank Goodness for routines!

Now with each new year comes new thoughts and ideas….

I’m not a big fan of resolutions, but I always like the opportunity to try to do things a bit better and y’all have been FULL of great ideas!!

While I’ve been quiet, I have been reading throughout the holiday madness!

There was one, in particular, that really inspired us around here.


You can read all about Steena’s fabulous idea and follow her progress by clicking idea box above.

We modified it a smidge, but it works for us!

0108131325Every night, when Boy Genius sets the table, everyone gets a piece of paper to jot down at least 1 SUPER-GREAT thing that happened during their day.

My husband has decided these aren’t to be shared, so it’s all TOP SECRET GREATNESS around here…..

at least until New Years Eve….

And that’s when the bird-cage comes open and we all get to remember what a fantastic year its been!

I’m actually quite surprised how much the boys are enjoying this. I honestly can not wait to read all about their great days!

Thanks Steena for sharing such a wonderful idea! 😉

This is one that might just become a tradition around here!

Whatever y’all do this year….make it Great!

Swim Happy, My Friends!


6 thoughts on “2013…Making it Great!

  1. Yay!! Thanks for the mention!! Glad that your kids are enjoying the project too, what a great family tradition to start.
    Happy 2013 to ya!

  2. What a great idea. Practicing gratitide brings good karma!
    Happy New Year to you! Let’s get together soon.

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