What’s Left to Say??

Churchill-The-Truth-Is-Incontrovertible1Today  the world will get to hear what Lance Armstrong has to say…


He doped….


That doesn’t really get under my skin all that much.

I mean really, they all do it. It doesn’t make it right, but it is a FACT of competitive sport. You’ll find it in EVERY sport from the pros all the way down to high school….

Anywhere that money is involved….where athletes want scholarships, contracts, and/or endorsements there are performance enhancing drugs of some type….


If a handful do it while the rest feel obligated to perform to the same level…

Well, there’s only 1 way to get there….

So the fact he won on PED’s is not a big issue in my book. The other guys lost on PED’s, so whatever….

It’s their body…they get to deal with the ramifications of all that poison, not me.

My issue with Lance Armstrong lies with the way he treated his fellow teammates and “friends”.

I always thought of him as a cool cat.

The kinnda guy you’d wanna have beer with after a good hard race. The kinnda guy that would cheer for the underdog and then slap him on the back and say, “Great Job!” when it was all over and done.


After hearing what a douche-bag he was to everyone once this crap started coming out…


It just totally pisses me off.

There’s a lot we don’t know that’s for sure. And I’m sure all of the parties involved have their own sordid accounts of the events, so it’s not really my place to judge anyone for what they did or did not do.

But mean people suck.

There’s no way around THAT!

There’s no forgiving THAT!

By the end of the day, we’ll all get to hear what he has to say for himself…

If anyone REALLY cares anymore…

I’m not sure that I do.

Ride Happy, My Friends!


15 thoughts on “What’s Left to Say??

  1. I am a Lance fan, I admit, he is the reason I started biking in the first place, why i even watch the TdF, I read all the books, I knew he was a jerk, but one heck of a cyclist

  2. I don’t care that he did it, I care that he has admitted it (supposedly) and how it changes the sport. The others that have been caught didn’t get near the attention and with him being such a huge name, I think there will have to be shift in the sport. I don’t care if Lance regains the public’s trust, but I would like cycling’s name to be cleared. I fear it is thought of a dirty sport, but like you stated…the ALL are.

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  4. I am having a hard time with not watching b/c he isn’t worth it anymore and watching to hear him say it. That being said what if he doesn’t say? Does the idea that he says he is going to admit mean he admitted so if he doesn’t say it will I be disappointed. See I’m conflicted and not about him…..he is a d-bag. I’m conflicted on whether to watch or not.

    I really want him to go away completely but not until he gets what he deserves and that is public ridicule in the same manner that he bullied all those around him.

    • I’ve got it on Tivo to watch tonite….I needed to pause….rewind…rewatch…absorb…..rant….I’ve caught a few bits and pieces this morning and it doesn’t appear he did himself any favors.

  5. No surprises about Lance, but it is a little dissmissive and cynical to say, “they all do it” whenever contracts, scholarships or endorsements are on the line. That has not been my experience with swimming as an athlete or coach. Yes, there are cheaters in every sport at every level, but they don’t all do it. The world may never know my name, but I have always competed with integrity and honor and I have expected the same from the athletes I coach. I believe most people don’t cheat – and not just for lack of resources. There are so many reasons to play a sport, but a winning at any cost attitude is not one I personally can adopt or accept. Cycling has a bad rep right now but I hope some good comes out of it yet. I do not want that mentality and general feeling of acceptance to become the norm in other sports or highschool/ collegiate/ Olympic levels. Enjoy your blog but have a different point of view. Have a good one and thanks for sharing your opinion here.

    • You know, it’s interesting that swimming is still 1 of the relatively untainted sports, but I know after watching an interview w/ Dara Torres (about LA) that it does indeed occur…..but I don’t hear about it at the lower levels like I do with the other sports. Like I said, I don’t condone it…I simply find it a little odd that anyone would be “surprised” or shocked that it goes on…. I think REALLY deep down more people questioned his honesty all these years than didn’t….
      Something wasn’t right…
      We all wanted to believe in Lance Armstrong, the super cyclist who won the TDF after cheating death…I did!!
      In reality when as all take off our rose colored glasses and look at the world of competitive sport, especially a sport whose participants livelihood depend upon big money endorsements/sponsorships, then it really isn’t all that shocking. What would make cycling exempt?
      So again, I don’t excuse or condone the actions…I simply find it hard to believe anyone would be particularly surprised by them.
      On that same note….
      If it came out 1 day that Michael Phelps used PEDs I would be sad, but I can’t say I’d be shocked. NOT that I think he has….by any means…but the pressure to win leads people to make choices the rest of us can’t even begin to fathom.

      • I hear what you’re saying, and understand that no sport is “safe” because people will cheat at every level. I just hope that this is a wake up call and that testing in the future (in all sports) is both reliable and done often. I would hate to see the complacency trickle down to the point where it is commonly accepted in in every sport at every level. At this time, my impression of cycling is very different than my impression of other sports. I think something good can come out of this scandal – I just think that often a minority gives the majority a bad name. I don’t think this behavior is normal and I would hate to see it become normal.

  6. I didn’t get very caught up in the media hype about it.. But yesterday morning I did look at the cover of the book I’m currently reading by Rich Roll, ultra endurance athlete and it made me think, “Wonder if he’s doping?” .. Just kind of ruins the magic when you think highly of someone!

  7. I am torn on my feelings for Lance. I want him to be a good guy but, the cards are not in his favor. How many hours did I spend watching TDF and reading 3 autobiographies??? I will never get those minutes back.I even got up at 5AM to see him rack in at 70.3 Galveston only for him to not turn around. He is the definition of a great cyclist, a sore loser, and a bully all rolled in one.

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