Ironman Training: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

TreesIt’s a good thing I do this stuff for “fun.”

Yesterday my coach told me it was probably best if I cancelled my February half-marathon.

Well SHIT!

Although if I’m honest, I kinnda knew, deep down, this was coming…

I’ve had to move all the way to the back of the class and re-teach my body how to work aerobically once again….from a running standpoint at least.

Coming back from my running hiatus this fall, I may have tried to speed up the natural process of things by electing to progress from no real running to 6-8 threshold miles within just a few weeks…

It really wasn’t THAT hard…but it also wasn’t all THAT smart either!

This would be one of those times where just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should

So now it’s biting me in the ass because I’ve had to back way down on the running/cycling volume AND intensity….

I mean way, way, way, wayyyyyyyy down….in order to not to fall off the training wagon all together.


It also had a little to do with my tri bike, but that’s a whole different story for next week hopefully.

I’m not quite sure which has me more annoyed: that I’m unable to run the race or that I let my ego get in the way of building a solid foundation.

ohhh, I COULD run it, don’t get me wrong (hello ego!)…. but it would be a very bad idea for so many reasons.

And THAT’s why I pay the coach the big bucks….

I am almost 100% sure that if not for her, I would’ve run that race even though it has absolutely no bearing on my upcoming events.

All risk… reward.

I guess I’m still learning how to make good choices…

and to see the forest through the trees.

Run Happy, My Friends!

happy runner

7 thoughts on “Ironman Training: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

  1. Listen to your coach, follow the plan, and you will succeed. There is a whole bunch of things you can do but should you?

    There are no leaves on the trees here. Makes the forest look desolate.

    • That’s what I keep telling myself….as everyone races off to NOLA…I’m actually pretty much over it now. I’m going to try and get one late summer… late in Ironman training…at least I’ll have the miles on my legs by then!

  2. This is perfect! I can relate, oddly.. I’m kinda bummed that I’m not training for a spring marathon so that I can keep the legs healthy & ready for IM training, BUT it’s going to be so worth not doing one! Ugh, but my EGO, 26.2 miles dammit!
    Listen to the coach, tell your ego Shhhhhh. Be smart.

  3. wise wise wise choice!! I always have to think of the bigger goals because in my head, I can do all the races, right?! ….. yeah, um no says my coach too. 😉 That foundation will come. It’s there waiting to be unleashed. Make this IRONMAN yours!! xo

  4. Hard call but probably right. I was in the same position a few weeks ago. I hadn’t full recovered from the flu and the race I’ve done for the last 5 years was on. I gave it a miss. You are targeted on your A race. So am I. The only question is – how does this race take you closer to your target race? If it doesn’t then that’s the call. Keep it up Jenn!!!

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