The Sticky Bun Come Soon!

Early Spring….

It’s cold….no wait, it’s hot…

It’s definitely humid and doesn’t really matter if the cause is the pending blizzard or just the torrential rain…

It’s painful….

Just because there’s no predicting the day-to-day form of precipitation, there’s always the trusty fact that the wind will be blowing in a N-S-E-W direction at no less than 30mph.

Some days, I feel a little like this guy…

The brutality of spring….

We all face it each year…

The crappy weather, being forced indoors, the monotony of training without racing…

We also all survive to April’s warmth, outdoor swimming, and those first race reports trickling through the Twitter feed….

It’s right around the corner folks…

Just hang on, we’re almost there! 😉

When you think you just can not possibly take another sub-zero icy run or another 8 miles against the wind that’s blowing the stop signs into lethal weapons…

When jumping into that frigid water at 5am  just might send you over the edge or the thought of 3+  hours on the trainer makes you pray for saddle sores so you have a legitimate excuse to bail….

Think of this and remember…

The Sticky Bun…err, the racing…come soon!

And as always….

Train Happy, My Friends!


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