Write it Down…Make it Count!

March is blowing in quickly and for some of us that means we’ve got about 4-6 weeks to get ready for the 1st race of the season…

Time to iron out the kinks and figure out how much damage old man winter has really done to the body!

One thing, I’m doing over the next few weeks is taking some time to really figure out what I hope to achieve throughout the 2013 race season.

I’m actually putting pen to paper and WRITING DOWN some goals….

goalsettingThe SMART kind….

What’s on my list so far?

Here’s a peek:

  1.  Shortened transition times….no more picnics only drive-bys! I say this every year, but this time I mean it…I’ve GOT to get in and out of that place in under 90secs this year!
  2.  Much improved swim times. I have the specifics written down as we all should, and I’ve worked my ASS off to get where I want them to be so hopefully it will transpire..
  3.  To be a more efficient cyclist…again I have all kinds of numbers written down and they seem ridiculously easy, but having just put the quarq on my bike a few weeks ago I realize how inefficient I’ve been these past few years. Speed is great, but ultimately I’ve got to be an efficient engine…and so the work goes on!

There you have it….three long-term objectives for year-end improvement.

Each race will have its own set of goals and ideally they’ll be tied to the BIG 3 so I will always be working to meet my primary objectives.

So what about you??!!

Have you taken a minute to think about what you want to accomplish this year?

What are you gonna do to make it count?

Ride Happy, My Friends!


7 thoughts on “Write it Down…Make it Count!

  1. Great list and its amazing how accountable just the simple fact of writing it down can be. Looking forward to reading more and would love to hear your experience with the quarq as I’m considering one shortly for the upcoming season.

    • I’m going to do a write up on the quarq as soon as I can really get outside…the learning curve has been steep and FRUSTRATING at times!! But, on my 1st ride outside with some brutal winds and steep climbs I was able to pace myself and come out alright…..others had to spend a week recovering since they were living and dying off MPH…when daily consistency is key the power meter will become your new BFF!

    • ya know….form over speed right now…as far as the swim goes. I haven;t gotten to the range where I personally feel true speed work will pay off….For me, I’m going to need to hold a solid 1:30/100 over distance 1st…..So right now its form and strength! Lots of little tweaks are knocking a second here and a second there, but its like golf….it takes a long time and ya’ gotta have a lot of focus and even more patience!! But when ya’ nail it…DAMN, you feel like a pro!!

  2. I can’t wait for your first tri of the season! I hope you do a post about what you’re doing to get those transition times down too. I’m curious!

    • I have NO IDEA what I’m doing….Sometimes I think it’s my placement….I’ve drawn some bad straws as far as where I rack….and then since I was hurt all last year I didn’t really run through T1 or T2 for fear of aggravating things, so maybe that’s it…I’ll def. do a post after my sprint and 70.3 in May to update on the status of meeting said goals!!

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