A little perspective….

Last Sunday I wrapped up the last  “long” weekend of training before Gulf Coast 70.3.

It was brutally windy with near 100% humidity. I had the pleasure of biking and running in it for 4 hours. Yeah me!

It was, however, superb practice for the potentially miserable conditions I may be facing on May 11th. As a matter of fact, this shitty weather has become the norm around here. So in reality, I should be VERY well prepared for this race! should be……

So the work is done…

The hay is in the barn….

I’ve resorted to stalking the local news channel, but alas it only goes out 7 days and it’s not giving me any information regarding winds and seas.


I’ll have to defer to Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel for the specifics I guess!

rough waters from last year

rough waters from last year

Basically I’m trying to get my head wrapped around a very rough swim in the Gulf and a very, very windy ride through Panama City Beach….

Then there’s a humid 13.1 to cap it off….

Did you know the official nickname of Gulf Coast is Gulf Roast?

Hmmm, I did not until earlier this week and I am so grateful to the individual who shared that with me! 🙂


2 very good things:

  1. I’m wearing an orange cap…
  2. I’m the 2nd wave to hit the water at 6:25am….

A friend of mine sent me an email yesterday to reminded me a little perspective is never a bad thing…..

“Some think guts is sprinting at the end of a race. But guts is what got you there to begin with. Guts start back in the hills with 6 miles to go and you’re thinking of how you can get out of this race without anyone noticing. Guts begin when you still have forty minutes of torture left and you’re already hurting more than you ever remember.”

-George Sheehan



Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Race Happy, My Friends!


5 thoughts on “A little perspective….

  1. Well I am glad someone let you in on the Gulf Roast secret! I have heard that too… It seems like the weather has been cooler than normal this year in general so maybe it will be that way in PCB too! Hope you have a great race – it will be a nice practice before IM FL later this year.

    • You know, I’m only 3hrs away to the west….so I should be quite acclimated, but for some reason it all changes on race day!! 🙂 Stay dry and warm this weekend…the country is a big wet mess right now!!

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