Attitude is Everything

The past few days have been filled with rest and reflection. I’ve had to spend a lot of time analyzing last weekends race and putting it all down on paper for the next time.

The good…the bad….the ugly…

And there was a lot of each, but in the end what made the day harder than it needed to be, was my attitude.

I’m not real sure how to evaluate if I won or lost that struggle…

I completed the race and while it took me about 10-12 minutes longer than it should have, I still finished within my goal.

But it was HARD….

harder than it needed to be…

It’s easy to prepare for the physical, but the mind….my mind….has to be better conditioned on how to react when things start to go differently than expected.


Always another skills to master!


on another note…

A big shout out to everyone over in Houston getting ready to tackle IMTX.

I hope y’all are getting hydrated, loading up with salt, and getting that noggin’ set straight yourselves…

It looks to be a typical steamy South Texas kinnda day.

be safe….

have fun….

and always…

Race Happy, My Friends!


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