Ironman Florida- 22 weeks and Counting

The only race you have to win is the race against yourself – there will always be someone faster and stronger but there will never be another you, so look within and push your own personal boundaries -Kimerly Adamson

22 weeks from today we’ll be in Panama City Beach Florida…

Checking in, attending athlete meetings, handing off bikes…

Stalking the beach and weather forecast, all while praying for more favorable conditions….


In 22 weeks, we WILL be ready to cover 140.6 miles.

Somedays it’s harder to believe than others, but we’re well on our way!

Right now we’re basically back to building miles on the body after a nice rest following our half-ironman.

My husband isn’t NEAR as structured as I am, but it seems to work for him! If ain’t broke he isn’t fixin’ it! 🙂

The basic breakdown:

  • Swim: back to averaging between 8000-10,000 yards per week….form, form, form over distance is becoming more and more important! And short sprints are still sprinkled in to help increase overall speed…lucky me!
  • Bike: I ride based on power and time so I honestly do not track my miles. I found it too variable (depending on conditions) and gives me either a false sense of speed or major case of depression. Power/Time keeps me sane! That being said, I’m back to long 3+ hr rides as well as several shorter hr+ rides. I got to test my bike strength, the week after Gulf Coast, and earned some more wattage for my efforts. All in all, my FTP has increased, just over 40 watts, since January. I’m VERY pleased… needless to say!
  • Run: Oh the run….slowly building back and man it has gotten hot and humid fast! I’ve shelved my Ipod for good and I’m running without in order to better “embrace the suck”, so to speak. There is a definite skill involved in learning how to disconnect yourself from your body when you’re uncomfortable and listening to Pitt Bull wasn’t helping me hone those skills. South Mississippi is a great place to run and get yourself in the “miserable zone” quickly and I am getting loads of valuable practice!

So there ya’ have it. A quick glance, at the workouts my coach uploaded into Training Peaks, makes me thing next week will be more of the same…just a bit more volume…

Regardless, I’ll keep ya’ updated on the progress!

Train Happy, My Friends!


5 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 22 weeks and Counting

  1. I grunted “OH MAH GAWD” out loud, at my desk, at work when I read 8000-10,000 yards a week. Hot damn woman!
    Love that quote that you started this post with too!
    Happy training!

  2. it seems so soon – 22 weeks – but then again I guess this *is* practically June already! Nice training. Can’t wait to track you online at IMFL 🙂

    • When I sat down and counted the weeks…backwards I was a little shocked! But YOU are closer to IMLOU than I am to IMFL! We will all be VERY busy tracking this year!!! 😉

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