Ironman Florida- 20 Weeks and Counting

tumblr_maa5iroVBg1r62mn6o1_500This has been my first step-back week during the Ironman training cycle.

And apparently the word rest is used somewhat loosely in Ironman coaching circles….

No option of removing workouts or taking down the intensity if needed. A workout or 2 may have been totally eliminated, but the ones that remained were actually a bit more challenging.

It’s always nice to get those reality checks out of the way early in the process!

The workouts themselves have maintained their form focus of weeks past with a little bit of added “umph” to get my body ready to race in a few weeks.

  • Swim: There is only so many ways to spice up the endless laps. My mind is starting to drift and that is causing some problems with my efficiency. There was no real reduction in my yardage this week, and some speed sets were thrown back into the mix. When all is said and done, I’ll top out 8200 yards for the week. The good news is my body handles it well and I can easily do a 2nd or 3rd session, later in the day, along with my swims.
  • Bike: My love is slowly becoming my nemesis. The heat index is well over 100F now and the wind just won’t stop. Last Sundays 60+ miler left me seriously questioning my desire to line up at IMFL. I knew it was bound to  happen (but so soon?) and I’m pretty sure it will happen again….and again….and probably again after that. A good dose of caffeine and sugar via a 30 oz Coke Classic seemed to put my head in the right place…AND that, is a valuable piece of knowledge to have for the future!! All in all, I spent a bit over 7 hrs in the saddle this week working on building both my endurance and FTP.
  • Run: I’m happy to say I’m in a really good place here mentally, despite the heat….and maybe that’s why. My expectations are so low because of the conditions and I keep surpassing what I think is possible every time I lace up. My coach has me running the bare minimums to be successful and it really seems to work. I’m not injured, I recover quickly, and I’m gaining speed despite the heat and humidity. This week, I logged just under 3.5 hrs out on the roads. Tomorrow I will round out the week with a run test to evaluate my progress and refine my “zones” now that I’m building to longer runs.

Next week brings the start a new training block which brings not only a bump in volume, but also some focused preparation for my Olympic Tri in San Marcos, Tx on July 7th.

Other than that, the details are a bit of a mystery. As I’ve said before, I try not to look more than a day (maybe two) ahead in Training Peaks because I can become overwhelmed and start to think about future sessions instead of the one I’m undertaking. I much prefer to finish up and think, “what’ next?”

Y’all have a great week!

Stay cool out there!

Run Happy, My Friends!

happy runner

6 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 20 Weeks and Counting

  1. You’re doing awesome woman! Love reading these weekly recaps. I think you’ll be happy you wrote them too so you can look back at how hard you trained.

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