Ironman Florida- 18 weeks and Counting….

So much for the two for one I had planned last week! Ironman just has a way of taking over and eating away my days….

But like everything else, it all gets done eventually!!!

So here we go…

1343849983732_1499437Week 16 was all about the heat. If you’ve been around here for ANY length of time, you will recall that I don’t routinely train…(ie run) through these southern summers. It’s far too miserable with the heat, humidity, and constant sun….

I don’t have a choice this year. Ironman Florida is in November and I need to run…


I had to find a way to deal with it….more mentally than physically really.

It all comes back to my distaste for being uncomfortable…..

I know how to “deal” with the heat physically, I simply don’t like to “deal” with the heat “mentally”.

Who does, right??

1340802913_9618_08_ONLINE_CURRENT_TEMPS_TRISo despite rising temps, I packed my ice chest full of water, salt tablets, and cold sponges. I decided to visit these “aid station” as often as needed and like it!


Great practice in aid station efficiency too!

A quick word about the heat though….

You MUST be aware of the conditions and slow things down. Use your head out there…..

Go early or go late….replenish your fluids and electrolytes…..keep your skin cool and if necessary take it indoors or cut it short.


Despite the heat, it was another solid week of training, Nothing too exciting as I started another block and began building a bit more time on the legs and also geared up for the race in Texas.

  • Swim: More of the same here. I wish there was something exciting to report, but I’m not sure there will be ANYTHING really worthy of fireworks until the big day.  My long swim of the week is starting to exceed 3500 yards and the good news is I’m able to hold my 100 yrd pace as the distance increases. I think it’s because we not only increased the distance so slowly, but also because I had a very strong base and was routinely swimming between 2500-3000 yrds 2-3 times/wk for the past year.                         Weekly Total: 9100 yrds
  • Bike: It’s all about time in the saddle….We had rain and I had to do my 4 hr long ride on the trainer and it sucked. That is all. Weekly Total: 6.75 hours
  • Run: This is where heat management has become essential. Most of the running this week was medium to long distance with a couple of short jaunts off the bike. In order to achieve any sort of rhythm….consistency of movement, per say; I arranged the aid stations like I mentioned above. It worked like a charm. I was finally able to RUN….first for 60 minutes and then later I knocked out a 90 minute long run. Each time, I was able to negative split my paces throughout and was FINALLY able to see some numbers that look a bit more familiar. Despite the heat, it ended up being a fabulous week of running. Weekly Total: 3.25 hours

Next week…or rather, tomorrow we head to San Marcos, TX from our vacation spot here in The Woodlands, TX for the Tri for Old Glory Olympic distance triathlon. I’m excited, but nervous because this is not a familiar race distance for me….

I’ve got more 70.3’s on my resume than Olympic distance events….


Race report to follow, but no promises on when..

ya’ know how it goes 🙂

Race Happy, My Friends!


8 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 18 weeks and Counting….

  1. Moving to the South, I quickly decided that I needed to learn to embrace the heat. It is what it is, and I just have to learn to deal with it. Doesn’t make it suck any less, but it doesn’t seem to bother me quite as much when I have a decent attitude.

    Good luck at the olympic tri!

    • Agreed…once the negative chatter quit, it really wasn’t something I focused on anymore….it’s just another ‘thing” that has to be delt with to get the work done.

  2. Four hours on the trainer. UGH. Mental toughness being formed with that one! I think I would set my aid station station up on a one mile loop and just do one milers until my workout was done with that heat 🙂

  3. As always, impressive training! It really is interesting to follow different personality/training types for this huge distance. I’d say you’re the calmest person I follow. You keep your head in a good place!
    Good luck in the Oly!

    • I thought of you writing my yearly heat training PSA….I may appear calm on the outside and when I’m actually training I’m pretty calm internally b/c I’ve worked hard to develop that…but as SOON as I’m done….watch out… the gates of hell are unleashed for about an hour! Gotta vent, get it out…and move on. Agreed that it is very interesting to follow everyone getting ready for their various IM events though….different training strategies and philosophies….very interesting!!

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