Hiring a Coach: Can You Buy Success?

Since I decided to hire a coach, I’ve fielded a lot of questions as to “why.” Many of those same people have asked if hiring a coach themselves would make them a more successful triathlete?

My answer….

It depends on why you hire a coach in the 1st place….

Many, who’ve emailed, feel a coach would foster a sense of accountability…..”make them show up” or “work hard.”

I don’t know too many coaches that can make anyone, do anything….or really even have the time (or want) to try, for that matter. That’s what a work out partner or training club/group can do for you.

Then there’s a distinct group of folks that ask whether or not a coach would make them faster….


Usually that happens because there is a better plan in place, along with better skills.

From training, to recovery, to mental readiness, to proper technique/form, to race day execution….

Like they say, it REALLY is the little things that matter most and where I’ve found having a coach has been essential.

I needed help with recovery. I had a huge problem with writing a plan that incorporated enough “easy days” or recovery workouts for both my age and injury history. How did I realize this….

I kept getting hurt…

I knew I’d never be able to make through Ironman training without  some guidance. And that’s exactly what coaching provided….


It wasn’t a guarantee or a solution to every problem….

It didn’t mean a PR at every race, a podium spot, or Kona slot…..

It DID allow whatever natural, God-given, ability that was actually buried deep inside, to finally come creeping out from under the years of scar tissue…


A coach, in my opinion, can’t provide that one…




Success is a process. It’s not any 1 thing and it doesn’t happen by doing any 1 thing…

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out -Robert Collier

And only 1 person can take care of that….


Train Happy, My Friends!





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