Ironman Florida- 14 weeks and Counting….

Hello week 14….



Long hours on the bike, combined with the heat/humidity and a not quite right saddle has proved to be a recipe for disaster.

I’ve been riding ISM saddles for a few years now and they work fine up to a point.

That point being about 25miles….maybe 30.

Rides over 30 miles were more a test of “want” than anything else….”how bad do you want these miles?  how bad do you want to suffer to get em’ done?”

Sounds like fun, eh?

SELLE-SITEROJust before I went to Florida, for my half-ironman in May, I got my hands on a newly released Specialized Sitero saddle.

I was having my Quintana Roo rebuilt and so we put this on it and it felt good. I was cautiously optimistic, to say the least, because this seat was very firm….No, it was downright HARD.

However, what it did do was a small miracle: it evenly distributed my weight across the entire saddle.

See, with the ISM seats I always seemed to favor one prong or the other. After enough riding, whichever side was holding my weight would end up rubbing until the ride was done or I shifted to the other prong. And the process would repeat….

It’s been so bad, that I’ve worn away the upper thigh of my tri shorts…AND had to keep riding with NOTHING between my skin and the seat….

NOT normal…and definitely NOT fun!

So I was willing to take a BIG chance, and race with the new Sitero, figuring it really couldn’t be all that much worse….

The half-ironman went well. No rubbing…no saddle sores. AND I had one of my fastest bike splits yet….over 56 miles to boot! No doubt, being comfortable in aero, played a huge part in that. I was a bit bruised after riding so long on the new seat, due to it’s…errr… firmness, but time would take care of that.

I needed a second saddle for my Cervelo, which I ride during the week on my trainer, and I’ve been on the quest for one ever since.

These bad boys are hard to come by, but yesterday I got lucky and nabbed one at my LBS!! 🙂

Happy Days!!

Between the new seat and the recovery week, I should be feeling 110% in no time!

Despite all issues, work got done:

Swim: Distance is creeping on up….Three swims/wk is norm and my main focus is to hold form/pace as distance increases and I become more and more fatigued. This is, by far, where I am the most comfortable. Weekly total: 8250 yards/3 hrs

Bike: I can say this, my coach will have me VERY well prepared for the bike portion of IMFL. It seems like every time I open Training Peaks there is another ride on schedule and it’s gotten longer or harder than the previous one. I suppose that’s the point. My long ride this week was almost 5hrs and although rain brought me in (finished on the trainer) at about 50 miles, I would’ve covered close to 82 if Mother Nature had co-operated. Luckily, I have the means to ride indoors when necessary. This was an extremely uncomfortable week riding and I am so glad to have some time to heal and recover! Total time in the saddle: 8hrs 10 minutes

Run: The highlight of the week was not only surviving the 2 hr long run, the day after the long bike, but also holding a fairly decent pace throughout. The heat and humidity have been awful, but I’m seeing my running splits improve little by little. This is giving me the encouragement to ignore the call of the treadmill. ….in the air conditioning…..with as much fluid as I could ever want! 🙂 Once it cools down, I know I’ll be rewarded for my summer of suffering. I can not wait for the local Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Run!! Total time on my feet: 4 hours

Just over 15 hours and I was beat! I honestly can not remember the last time I needed a step-back week as badly as this one….

Next up is some recovery and then it’s on to a 3 week bike focused block. I snuck a peek and immediately had to go seeking antacids….

Good times ahead!

Train Happy, My Friends!


6 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 14 weeks and Counting….

    • The hills out there may be a blessing because you’ll change your position often. I think the flatter, windy areas I ride out here while preparing for IMFL make an already bad situation worse since I don’t ever have the need to change how I sit….Enjoy the ride!!

  1. I absolutely love the graphic and I swear I looked or at least felt exactly like that earlier this year. I switched saddles as well but went with a softer gel and longer nose for riding primarily aero and its been a life saver. Of all the upgrades the right saddle definitely should be on the top of the list. Great job on the workouts as well…

    • I don’t know if any of us realize how saddle choice will effect us when we get into this game….I was fine on my road bike with ANYTHING, until I slapped aero bars on it….HOLY COW! In aero, I can not tolerate any type of nose at all…WE’ve tried to go back to traditional seats and they come right off….And I guess, for me, the firmer the better….I also had to stop riding in heavily padded bike shorts since the protection was actually in the wrong place and was bunching up= friction….WHO KNEW!
      NOw my husband rides a Cobb V-flow and is just starting to deal with numbness issues, so I have a feeling he will be heading down the saddle switch road pretty soon as well!!

  2. Your swim volume makes me feel ashamed of how little I do! Hah! I seriously didn’t swim for 2 weeks, OOPS.
    It’s so hard to find all the right tweaks and stuff for the bike. Hope your bum is content with what you have now!
    Wow, 14 weeks! I wish your race was before mine! I feel like I learn a lot from reading your posts.

    • it is very hard to get it all in, esp in the summer….I don’t sleep AT ALL now that its 1000F….I’m really thinking IMTX would’ve been a better choice b/c training weather would’ve allowed for more rest…I’m now acclimated to race an Ironman in a rainforest on the equator though….

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