Ironman Florida- 13 weeks and counting…



I have no idea how it’s possible to have even LESS time during a step-back week, but that’s what happened.

It was the week before school and earlier in the summer, I decided to postpone every doctor appointment, dentist appointment, orthodontist appointment, trip for school clothes, haircut…..

You get the point….

There was a lot of running around being done and not, all that much, much resting.

I’m going to spare you the details since there was less volume this week, but “less” is very relative right about now.

Something I was both shocked and a little saddened to learn.

I was hoping for a week on the couch…kinnda….

I got a little over 10+ hours of work done and even had some ridiculous intervals thrown in to be sure my neuromuscular system didn’t develop a sudden case of rest-induced amnesia.

Between you and me, I’m not sure I ended the week feeling all that “rested”….

Maybe rested is the wrong word because, come to think of it, I DID actually feel a bit more rested by weeks end.

What I really wanted, was to feel refreshed and rejuvenated….

I wanted to feel energetic like I did back in May, before my training volume and the outdoor temperature jumped to increasingly obnoxious levels….

I wanted to feel like I could clip in and speed through 90 miles at 20+ mph…

I wanted my legs to willingly climb the stairs, to the 1st floor of my house (oh why did we build on the water???), while carrying those 40 bags of groceries….

HA! No such luck!

Maybe, by Thanksgiving! 😉

We’ll see….

Next week starts a 3 week, bike heavy block. Funny, there’s an awful lot of running in there too??!!!!

Yea, it looks a lil’ intimidating….

But then again, so is 140.6.

One day at a time….

Ride Happy, My Friends!



6 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 13 weeks and counting…

  1. Sounds about right… I was always excited to get to the downward turn in volume (about 3 weeks out) only to realize it didn’t give me all that time that I was expecting. Keep after it!

    • Isn’t it crazy?? I sometimes wonder how I thought, years back, it was just impossible to fit in 1 hour/day of training?? If I just do an hour right now, my entire day feels way off…

  2. I just did a semi-rest week before my biggest weak, yet there was little sofa time! I threw in more swimming and less biking this week as a break for my joints. I think it was a good strategy! You’re lucky to have a coach that’s setting you up for success. There’s no way you can’t go into race day without confidence.

    • No doubt, it was THE best decision I made. It’s not expensive really, but I’d gladly do without several non-essentials to have this guidance. My husband elected NOT to do so and I’m really worried about the amount of discomfort he will have to endure by dealing with it enough during training. As I’ve progressed, I realize the art of balancing all 3 correctly is HUGE when it comes to the full vs any other distance…..and that takes months and months of practice.
      I dunno, I hope it works for him, but 12-16 hours is a LONG time to be miserable.

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