Ironman Florida- 12 weeks and counting…

I can not even count the number of times, I looked like this throughout the week:

And while this week may not have been filled with my finer moments, I did complete the tasks at hand.

I began fresh as a daisy, coming off a delightful week of R&R…yeah RIGHT! 

This was also the beginning of my 3 week bike focused block….

Some fun was had, that’s for sure! 😉

Swim: I swam A LOT considering it was bike week….lots of drills, longer sets, and some speedy intervals kept things moving along. I did knock out a long swim of 3800 yrds (longest so far I think???) AND held my HIM pace, so that was a huge success. Weekly Total: 9200 yards/3 hours 5 minutes

Bike: I rode hard, I rode fast, I rode easy, I rode in the heat, I rode in the rain, I rode on the trainer, I rode outside, I rode slow, I rode long…. The only thing I did NOT do, was ride short….This week of riding pushed me to my mental threshold. It’s still hot as hell here. In order to get my long ride/run brick completed without developing heat stroke, I was on the trainer by 4:45 am. I rode until sunrise, then headed outside where I rode until it rained and my rear brake refused to function properly. At that point, I made my way BACK to the trainer where, after a brief tantrum (see above) I finished up. I was lucky enough to rise once again at the ass-crack of dawn, on Sunday, to get yet another 90 mins of riding in my legs before heading out for my long run by 6 am. This weather is going to kill me before the miles…Total time in the saddle: 10 hours 10 minutes

Run: Well its bike week, but I still have to run… so run I did. A few “off the bike” efforts and a couple of stand alone outings, combined with the weekly long filled in the rest of calendar. There wasn’t too much happening in the world of run other than simply managing the conditions. I was lucky enough to catch a few rain showers Sunday and combined with the breeze well hell, it almost felt like Christmas! It’s getting really old, being hot and miserable all the time. Total time on my feet: 4 hours

17 hours 15 minutes

By Sunday afternoon, if you asked me my name I don’t think I could have formulated the response. My legs felt strangely fine, but the deep-seated fatigue was like nothing I had ever experienced. At one point, my husband called and needed me to meet him over at his father’s house and I really wasn’t sure it was safe for me to be around humans…..

or to even get behind the wheel of a car.


Thank Goodness for simple sugar and caffeine.

Works every time!!

Y’all have a good week!

Enjoy the cooler weather if you are lucky enough to get some….

As a matter of fact, go on and send some down this way!!

Run Happy, My Friends!

happy runner

3 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 12 weeks and counting…

  1. Yes – thank the Lord for simple sugar and caffeine 🙂 Nice riding – serious biking going on this week!

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