Ironman Florida- 10 weeks and counting….

I missed the last week…

I didn’t really miss it, I’m just more or less trying to forget it since it ended on a rather sour note….


No one ever accused me of being graceful.

The story:

About 3.5 hours into an almost 6 hr ride, I took not only my hands, but also my eyes off the road. Oh, and it was windy AND my rear brake wasn’t working……AND I was running my 808s to get some nice handling practice in the gusty conditions.

I also may have been a wee bit tired as well = slower reaction time…..

I was able to keep riding, but it was certainly a challenge. After another couple of hours my hip REALLY started to get tight, uncomfortable, and horribly swollen. It was time to call it day.

6177471_origThe official diagnosis was a mild hip pointer. MILD?? pfft…depends on whose hip I guess, but there’s aways a rainbow peeking out of the storm clouds. I was allowed to resume activity, “as tolerated”,  after 48 hrs of RICE. phew!

This picture above was taken 5 days later. It took about 2 days before I could walk normally and I hobbled through most of my workouts this week. The running, in particular, has been fairly rough yet always manageable.

I’m very lucky it wasn’t any worse and VERY, VERY grateful I was able to get back to work so quickly, but as y’all can imagine impatience has arrived. I’m over this thing and ready to be 100%…..92.5% makes it that much more difficult to get through the week.

Fortunately, next week is a step-back week and that means a little bit of extra time to mend the wounds. Hopefully, the reduction in volume will do the trick and give me back that 7.5% I’m so desperately needing!

This is how things shook out….

Swim: I really realized just how much I use my hips. My 1st swim I had to do the entire thing with a pull buoy because I simply could not hold myself on top of the water. 48 hours later things were better (but not perfect) and by Friday’s big swim, I was able to do the entire workout as written. My “good” side was taking a beating though and pulling a lot of the weight (literally). It was a happy day when I was able to get back on the foam roller and work out some of the kinks.  Totals: 9500 yards/ 3 hrs 10 mins

Bike: The bike volume is just insane. So many people say they don’t want to do an Ironman because of the running….it isn’t the running people, it’s the riding that wears you down. I have no idea how long my body will allow me to sit on the saddle. I keep waiting for a revolution of sorts….a strike….sheer refusal, but so far while it may not be the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done, I’m still able to do it. I was back on the bike about 48 hrs after I crashed and gradually progressed to Saturdays 6 hr long ride…which I did on the trainer due to torrential rain. Now THAT was some fun!  Total: 10 hours

Run: This was, by far, the most difficult to accomplish. I’m still having to compress the hip to run and if I don’t compress the other side I end up running wonky….then my back hurts from overcompensation issues and a very bad spiral ensues. So I compress both sides and try my, best, to stay even. Compression is HOT and it’s already HOT enough! But it is what it is and right now, I’m so glad to be able to get the miles done under the circumstances. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be doing any damage since there is no additional swelling or discomfort AFTER running. So for now, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until it heals enough to not need the extra support. Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later. Total: 4 hrs 5 mins

A fairly solid seven days especially considering how things started. A good dose patience, at the beginning of the week, definitely paid off by the weekend. Most of that, however; is all used up. I’m ready to be healed! Have I mentioned that? 🙂

On another note, someone told me Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Lattes and we went to the first high school football game of the season! This can only mean one thing….

Fall has arrived!!! Bring on the cooler temperatures!!!

Y’all be safe out there!

Ride Happy, My Friends!


11 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 10 weeks and counting….

  1. OUCH! That must have hurt. When you mentioned it on Twitter I guess I didn’t realize what a crash that was. You are a gutsy lady to keep going … pain and all. You’ll be back in no time, just give your body time to heal … we are getting close to our date with 140.6 miles! GULP

    • At the time, it seemed logical to keep going…you know, 1st thought….”if this were race day what would you do???” Later, it seemed like perhaps NOT such the best choice, but its healing up….I was told 2 weeks, but could train as I felt comfortable…..So the healing curve was really quick for the 1st few days and now has gotten very slow….Porb. will take the full 2 to be back to normal….better than the alternative!!

  2. Wowzer!! That is some bruise!! …. I couldn’t agree more with the saddle time. That is biggest part of IM training. I am so excited for your IM in 10 weeks!! 10 weeks!!! YOU will rock it!! xo

    • 10 weeks still seems pretty far off, but as the weather starts to change I start to freak out a little!! I feel pretty comfortable with the swim and bike, having covered the distance already and now we’re working “over” it…the run…well, having never run further than 13.1 everything from here on out is totally unchartered territory!!
      Thanks for your vote of confidence!!

      • It will be here sooner than you think. Seems like just yesterday, I had 3 months to go. It went by fast!!

        Don’t sweat the run! It will be slow moving for everyone. No way you can cover that distance while IM training, but you will do it … One step at a time. Furthest I ran this IM training was 15. 😉

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