Ironman Florida- 8 weeks and counting

The Ironman bike is the longest part of the day.

As a result, I’ve spent many, many hours on my bike the past 6 weeks and I’ll spend many, many more before November 3rd arrives.

If I’m not on my bike, it seems like I’m either preparing to ride, cleaning up after riding, looking at my riding workout, or posting my riding workout.

You would think my focus would be on triathlon as a whole, but honestly it’s on riding….

and nutrition while riding!

And I’m not gonna lie, most days…..

I don’t really feel like riding….

The past couple of weeks, this seems to always be playing in my head….



In the end, I know it’ll all be worth it though!!

Here’s how the week shook out:

Swim: Long and boring pretty much sums things up. It’s all about resistance to fatigue, so I’m just building distance and trying to hold on to whatever speed I can muster. Totals: 9200 yards/ 3 hrs 15 minutes

Bike: Have I mentioned I’ve ridden my bike quite a bit as of late? Last week, I was still a little nervous about heading to Augusta and riding a hillier course, so I took my long weekend ride a bit north and got some elevation under me. I’m happy to say, we exceeded the elevation we’ll be riding in Georgia and I had absolutely no problems at all. What I did realize is that all this riding has made an enormous difference in my abilities as a cyclist. I would’ve never been able to ride this route last year AND keep up with the guys that were there with me. It was definitely an “a-ha” moment and I finally saw the method to the madness, so to speak. And I like it! Totals: 10 hrs 45 minutes

Run: It’s still obnoxiously hot and humid so running is still more about heat management than anything else. I finally found a few gels and flavors that were palatable in the heat and so that was a success. It’s been a challenge, so now I’m a bit more at ease with my ability to fuel this last leg of the race. Despite the heat, bathroom breaks, aid station stops, and water refills I’m able to maintain a fairly decent pace so I’m hopeful once the weather breaks this will only improve. Totals: 4 hrs 5 minutes

This was a big week and I’ve got another one pretty similar on tap before things start backing off a bit before Augusta. I’m told I’ll be “rested”, but not “fresh”.

Hmm, should be interesting.

I want to send a big round of kuddos to Steena over at Finding my Happy Pace and Mike at Crushing Iron for nailing their 1st Ironman this weekend up in Madison, Wisconsin.

They made 140.6 miles look easy!

Also a shout-out to the slave driver herself, my coach, Liz Waterstraat for her gutsy performance at the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas last weekend. And for also reminding all of us that it IS quite possible to do it all….

and do it all exceptionally well!!

Congratulations to you all!!

Ride Happy, My Friends!


6 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 8 weeks and counting

  1. We were in Stone County, MS….the area in and around the DeSoto National Forest. My husband and I grew up in Mandeville/Covington and no there’s not much elevation there at all…North of Harrison County here in Ms….towards Hattiesburg gets fairly hilly. The Woolmarket, MS area is too and Diamondhead, MS has some nice climbing as well. Actually the Mighty Magnolia IN Hattiesburg is a fairly hilly race as is Traditions here in North Biloxi each Spring. But really, the hills were not an issue. Go ride the lakefront and battle the winds….it seems to correlate pretty well to inland hills.

  2. Glad you found some hills! I started to tell you Augusta wasn’t all that hilly but I suppose it is all relative. The first 20 miles are fairly flat but there are some decent climbs in the middle there if you are used to flats. It is still a fast course. I really love that race. You will do great there!

  3. Also… I thought Liz was your coach. Saw her blog earlier. Really impressive! I might have to check her out to coach me for Chattanooga next year – although seeing all your workouts, I might be scared 🙂

    • She’s fantastic and has taught me a lot, but it was an…ahem….adjustment for sure….and still is at times. The volume is so far beyond what anyone told me to expect when I signed up…..I truly love the science of it though, and so I honestly can’t wait to see what I’m able to eek out of this body when it’s all said and done.
      As for Augusta….we’ll see Karen. I’m ok with the completing ride, but I have no idea how I’ll run after doing it….
      This is were I get to really practice my mental game….

  4. You’ve been putting so much quality time into training, I honestly think you’re going to make it look easy too. Especially on that bike. And the swim. And the run. 🙂 You’re going to get off of the bike and say “That’s it?”
    Thanks for the shout out!

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