Ironman Florida- 7 weeks and counting…

This was one of those weeks where I just did what I had to do in order to get the work done.

Muscularly, I was exhausted and yet I still had the longest training sessions to get through before I could call it a week.

Good mental practice, right??

I’m definitely getting a lot of that here lately!


So while it might not have been pretty, quality work was certainly accomplished.

Not good, not bad, just is…

And I’m ok with that right now.

Just another week at the Ironman office! 🙂

SWIM: I never quite realize how mundane swimming is until I go to write about it….There just isn’t all that much to say. Lots of laps, lots of work, but not much excitement. Totals: 8700 yards/ 3 hrs

BIKE: I had some really tired legs. The kind of fatigue where you just couldn’t will a single more watt than what was being produced or even 1 more rpm. It made for some torturous cycling sessions. The weekend was tough with the typical long ride/run brick fighting the coastal winds. I’ve never been so glad to get off my bike and run as I was Saturday afternoon. It’s still VERY hot here, well over 90F with high humidity, so hydration still remains a constant battle. Totals: 10 hrs 25 mins

RUN: This was a good week running. It seemed like I ran a lot and for some reason my legs didn’t feel that same “dead legged fatigue” they did while cycling.  My long run is up to almost 16 miles and so far I’m still hanging on to an acceptable pace. This was the first week where I really started to believe I might just be able to run this thing. Totals: 4 hrs 40 mins

The next week brings a slight volume drop for a little bit of rest prior to racing Augusta 70.3…..

Not quite as much as I would’ve been granted if I wasn’t heading to a Ironman Florida month later, but it shouldn’t be that much of an issue as these days my body responds REALLY well to the smallest bit of rest.

Augusta is really about testing the plan for Florida. I feel pretty good about what I’ve got laid out and I’ve done it over and over again in training, but I’ve yet to do so it in a race environment. In about 10 days I’ll put it to the test to be sure it holds up and that no further adjustments need to be made.

Crossing my fingers on this one because it’s getting down to the wire…..

43 days

Hard to believe….

Run Happy, My Friends!

happy runner

11 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- 7 weeks and counting…

  1. Hopefully the weather will hold out in Georgia for the Augusta 70.3, its been ideal for all outdoor pursuits. You are doing great, sticking to your plan and pushing forward. Good work.

    • Thanks! Its starting to drag now…IMFL makes for a very long season being in Nov. so I’m anxious to get to Georgia and participate in a race finally…even if I won’t really be “racing”!!

      • I totally understand the feeling of now training is just getting it done. I don’t question, or analyze. It’s not always fun but I just want to knock them down and scratch them off my “to-do” list. Good luck at Augusta this weekend. I know many people that are racing Augusta that are also doing IMFL. Probably was a smart plan, but my budget has been overspent! Great job this week! One more down on the books!

    • Always Good reminder! Thank you!! It gets easy to forget right now when Mother NAture seems to always be working against me….Hopefully come race day, I’ll realize she’s been on my side all along!!

  2. I think the image you used is ironic, considering the temps at Ironman Tahoe today 🙂 haha .. Hooray for a little bit of a step back, and YAY 70.3! It’s a chance to relax and enjoy the triathlon party. Looking forward to reading about it!

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