Ironman like life….It ain’t all Sunshine and Rainbows

When I first decided to tackle IMFL I was warned, by several friends, that at some point my training would break me down to a worthless heap of human remnants.

I laughed….

and I trained.

Things went perfectly and ya’ know what, no breakdown. I swam, cycled, and ran hundreds…maybe thousands 😉 of miles, then cruised through Augusta 70.3. I recovered like a champ and headed into the last two weeks of training feeling pretty damn good.

I got through my epic long swim, leaving with the knowledge that the 2.4 miles in the Gulf would not be a problem.

Yesterday was the big one. A 6:45-7 hr ride with a 45 min run to follow.

And guess what???

“It” happened.

I woke up with a mild GI bug, but when you do the kind of stuff we do, a “mild bug” brings nothing short of chaos to the day. The ride was on the trainer due to the intermittent torrential downpours and so there was no “fun” in this….it was a “just get through it” kind of day. By the time I made it out to run, the sun was out, the roads were steamy, and yet it was still raining.

I thought I was going to suffocate from the humidity and have an ass blowout simultaneously.

Not a good time…

And so that’s when it all came crashing down.

Mentally and physically I was D-O-N-E.

I came to a screeching halt and then verbally declared the finality of my situation, to my neighborhood. Thank goodness everyone was inside watching the Saints game….what normal people do on Sunday’s in these parts.

I crouched down, by a stop sign, and begged for this process to just be over. A pity party for the record books for sure.

Then I thought about how ludicrous THAT just sounded…for God’s sake, I’m training for a race that I signed up for voluntarily. Ohhh, poor me!

And so then, I got up and ran…(and walked) home. It wasn’t 45 minutes, but it was close. And despite wanting to shut off the Garmin and call it a day at 9 minutes, I found it within me to continue on.

It was a truly ugly day, but these days come…

In training and in life.

I think we often see them as failures instead of opportunities to learn and grow. I know I did.

It took the rest of the afternoon for me to really sit back and dissect the training and what I gained from it. Because there is ALWAYS something to learn….

Every single day…every single workout.

I came to the conclusion that it’s during THESE kinds of struggles where we find out how much we can take and still keep on going. It gives us our reference points and helps provide clarity for the next obstacle we face.

And there will AWAYS be another….

One day, I’ll need to draw on today’s memory. When that day comes, I’ll be glad it’s in the bank!

I think he sums it up pretty well….

Run Happy, My Friends!


12 thoughts on “Ironman like life….It ain’t all Sunshine and Rainbows

  1. Oh girl, yes, I’ve BEEN there! It sure feels ridiculous in hindsight, doesn’t it? Training is hard, you get through it, and you get tougher for race day. You got through a tough one, now you get to have fun and party on race day!

  2. Great job finishing when things looked so bleak. Being so out of shape when I started I have pushed myself close to this limit without the threat of an IM. Way to go, youve got this.

  3. I’ve been there. I was there two weeks ago in my training. WHY AM I DOING THIS??? Heck, I even had that moment in the middle of my race. I swear the mental aspect is far more difficult than the physical aspect.
    GOOD FOR YOU for pushing thru it. It might not have been pretty or exactly what you were supposed to do, but you didn’t quit. You pushed thru – that will only make you stronger.

  4. Love you for pushing thru. Remember there are times to push thru and times to let it go–the tough part is deciphering the difference. I will be cheering you on in this last month of training. Can’t wait to hear all about it–both the fun times and the painful ones. This is making you stronger for all of your life’s endeavors.

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