Ironman Florida- The Last Two Weeks….

Well not the LAST two weeks…

More like the PAST two weeks, because there’s still 2 more out there…

and let me just say, WOW!

The past 2 have been rough. I’m not sure if it’s been more of a mental or physical battle, but after Augusta EVERYTHING has seemed ten times harder.

The give a shitter has just about given out.

Each and every workout has been minute by minute bargain with myself.

“Just make it to 15 minutes and see how you feel. Ok, now 15 more…..ok, not so bad, now another…” and so on, until the days work is finished. Nothing really HURTS physically, but I’ve reached my saturation point, for sure.

1383144_680189891998635_451716297_nToo late to quit now though, right??!!

It’s like riding up a hill. You get to that point where you just put your head down, push a little harder, and FINALLY you get to the top!

And so today, things look and feel pretty good from the top of Ironman Hill.

The gradual taper has begun, the hard part is behind me, and it’s all downhill from here.

A pleasant change indeed.

A few highlights from the past couple of weeks…

Swim: Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve swam between 4200-5000 yards almost every time I’ve gotten in the pool. It was ridiculously exhausting and a smidge boring. At one point, I was so tired I couldn’t even muster enough energy to hold myself on top of the water. I was basically sinking. I could feel it, but there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to correct it. Very frustrating. Thankfully, it only happened once during this whole training cycle because it’s this kind of crap that really messes with your mind and causes all sorts of questions to start popping up.

Bike: I am so sick of being on the bike. I can’t even begin to express my displeasure at seeing a cycling workout in Training Peaks right now. Last weekend was the last of the really long rides and I finished things off with my first century event (102 miles technically). Thankfully, I’ve done so many 6+ hr rides it was a piece of cake, aside from constant climbing involved. I think the elevation tallied right around 2000 ft, which isn’t a lot for some of you, I know, but for me it’s a helluva lot!  At least I know I’m ready for IMLou should I decide to ever go that route though!

Run: I’ve gotten the 3 hr long done and think I have a solid plan set for the marathon portion of the race. Having never run one makes things interesting to say the least, but I’ve gotten several runs over the 2:30 mark accomplished and feel pretty good about my pacing. If the weather is co-operative then it will be that much easier, if it’s not….well, I’ve got that down to a science too.

This next week, as recovery/taper starts, the volume begins to come down. Things seem to level off a bit later in the week and that pattern continues for the next 10 days or so, until race week. At that point there is quite a bit of downtime to assure the body is both fresh and rested.

And so now….

The waiting begins…

Wish me luck!

Train Happy, My Friends!


12 thoughts on “Ironman Florida- The Last Two Weeks….

  1. Good luck. I was going through this a few weeks ago when I was preparing for my Olympic. You are ready, just recover and rest and get ready. You will do awesome!!!

  2. OK. Being that I have never done a tri nor have any desire to do so (since I DO sink when I swim), what pace do you run at after swim/bike hell? This is morbid curiosity here.

    Wishing you the best of luck! And enjoy the taper!

    • Well different paces for different distances….shorter the tri faster the run so for this long one it’s honestly more like a recovery pace run really (i.e..slow going)…. about 9:30 min/mi…..with stopping at aid stations it ends up b/w a 9:30-10:00 min/mi…I’m hoping by teaching myself to slow down all summer that it really keeps me from falling apart those last 4-6 miles….how long I spend getting aid and how much that pace drops off from 9:30ish will depend on the heat….right now, as you know, it’s still really warm/humid. I’ll need more support if this doesn’t break so it’ll be on the slower end since I’ll prob stop every mile instead of every 3 or every other….
      of course, how it actually unfolds could be 110% different!!

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