Ironman Florida- The Day Before

It’s less than 24 hours out and naturally I’ve been fielding tons of questions…

“How do you feel?”

“Fine, actually.”

“Are you ready”

“Sure am.”

“Are you nervous?”


The weather is rather questionable right now. There’s a cold front approaching and winds are out of the South at 18-25 mph which is making for 4-5 ft swells in the Gulf. I’m hoping the water calms, a bit, when the winds shift to the north tonight, but more importantly I’d like to see the winds die down for that 112 mile bike ride.

But it is what it is. No point wasting energy fretting about it.

Truthfully, the most irritating part about the gloomy weather forecast is having to check our gear and bikes in the rain.

Mother Nature and I have certainly had our differences this training block that’s for sure. Why should things change now??!!

So what’s a girl to think about for 140.6 miles???


Race Happy, My Friends!


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