Moving Forward….

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, survived Black Thursday Friday, and is taking full advantage of Cyber Monday (my personal favorite)!

Just so you know, Ironman recovery is a real bitch. I’m just now turning the corner and feeling like I’ll actually BE able to race again next year. Which is a good thing because:

a) while I was still high on Ironman invincibility, I got the OK to race a 5k this coming Saturday…..

but “just for fun!”

Who the hell races a 5k just for fun? Especially when the only training done, over the past 12 months, has been in the highly aerobic playground known as Zone 2???!! Just for reference, my heart rate gets higher when I vacuum my house. Ask around, there hasn’t been much of THAT happening.


b) my jeans are officially shrinking!

Crap! I was trying to be so careful, but it was inevitable. It’s time to seriously get moving….and more than a leisurely hour a day to support these healthy eating habits!

Yes, it’s time to move forward…

The Ironman high (and calorie burn!!) is long gone. I’m now left with tight pants and a looming 5k that’s making me MORE anxious than 140.6 miles did a month ago.

But it’s all good. I’ve actually decided a little fear isn’t such a bad thing. It keeps the senses sharp, like a knife! 😉

As I move away from longer (not long, just uber long) distances, I now have the opportunity to sprinkle some challenging events into my schedule once again. I can take the time to race and recover from events I might not normally elect to do because they’re not necessarily my favorites.

In other words, it’s time to get uncomfortable…to push the boundaries in a different way….to grab the bull by the horns and dare to hold on!

2014 is going to be about utilizing each opportunity and taking every single last second for what it’s worth. If Ironman taught me anything, it was the importance of taking full advantage of every single moment life hands out because second chances are few and far between.

So this is how I’ll be moving forward…


Starting with a “just for fun” 5k on Saturday!

Run Happy, My Friends!

happy runner

9 thoughts on “Moving Forward….

  1. I’ve only raced a couple of 5k’s in my (relatively) short running career, but in my opinion there is nothing “fun” about them. I’ll take 20+ miles at a comfortable pace over 3 miles at an all-out effort any day. Have fun!

  2. I’ve got a “just for fun” 5k on Saturday as well. And I am so NOT looking forward to it. (And secretly praying for sleet so I can have a good reason to skip it.) GOOD LUCK.

  3. The shrinking pants, THE WORST. My weight fluctuates 365 days a year, it was awful after ironman. It got to the point where I went out and bought fat pants.
    Glad you’re recovering though, and looking forward to some new challenges!

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