Core Power Fit Kit GIVEAWAY!

Oh the weather outside has been frightful! And that’s putting it mildly….

With over half the country under snow and/or with temperatures around freezing, I know we’re all growing tired of Old Man Winter. I admit that I’ve been in a bit of a funk….a hibernation mode if you will. Oh I’ve done my training, but this rude decent of the polar vortex down, into the deep south, has left me lacking the motivation for much else.

Core_OlymSealNeedless to say there is a lot to catch up on around here! And what better way to get that started than with a Monday GIVEAWAY!

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to be an ambassador for Core Power. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that they have been my go-to recovery drink since way back to their Honey Milk days. It’s not often that I find a product I use 100% year around without fail….no substitutions. This is my post-training drink of choice when real food is not an option.

We all know how important recovery is to maximizing the benefits of each training session. And how essential it is to get your nutrition started within the 30 minute post workout window. Sometimes that can be easier said than done, but this stuff helps you help yourself!

Core Power has created the ideal recovery drink for you! It’s got the science in the bottle, however all that science in the world won’t help if athletes won’t crack the top. Therefore one of the most vital elements of any recovery drink, in my opinion, is taste. If isn’t palatable, then it won’t be consumed. If it’s not consumed, then it is of no benefit.

I’ve personally tried almost every recovery drink out there and Core Power actually taste GOOD! I look forward to finding it in my bag after workouts and I make sure that I NEVER run out. My husband and I keep an ample stock of strawberry-banana on hand and we have no difficulty reordering by the case through

Into to Core Power_thumb[3]

Now I know not everyone may be chomping at the bit to head out and order up a case of something new and untested. Luckily, singles can be found at grocery stores and most Wal-marts locally. Or there’s an even better option….

You can enter to win some right HERE, right NOW! In addition to a few bottles of Core Power, you’ll also get you’re very own fit kit which will include:

  • A Ogio Core Power gym bag!
  • Yoga mat
  • Towel
  • Stability Balance Ball
  • Camelback water bottle

corepower giveaway

What’s a person gotta do to win, you ask??

Well here’s the deal…

  1. Tell me what you’re favorite recovery food/beverage is right now
  2. Like Core Power on Facebook and tell em’ I sent ya’ over
  3. Give Core Power a Tweet and a Follow as well

Winner’s will be drawn at random and will be announced next Monday, February 24, 2012. The Core Power Fit Kit will be shipped to the winning party within 4-6 weeks.

Good luck and try to stay warm out there…

Spring will be here before we know it!

Run Happy, My Friends!

happy runner

10 thoughts on “Core Power Fit Kit GIVEAWAY!

  1. After an intense workout I drink Chocolate SiS Rego Rapid Recovery mixed with frozen blueberries. Liked them on fb and tweeted (@Traminator007)

  2. One of my local grocers had a sale on chocolate milk so I stocked up. I have until about the middle of next month before it expires, so I have been drinking it after every workout. It is high in protein and calories but is low fat.

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