Breaking Down PhD Nutrition


There are so many wonderful benefits of being a member of Big Sexy Racing.

One of which, is learning about products I haven’t had the pleasure of being exposed to until now.

PhD Nutrition is a prime example. As a team sponsor, I have the opportunity to incorporate these new (to me) products into my daily training and experiment with something I would never have thought to try.

PhD Nutrition is one of the fastest growing nutrition brands in the UK and they’re finally getting some well deserved exposure over here in the US. This innovative line of products not only tastes great, but delivers serious results.

However, with it being relatively new and unfamiliar (again, to me!) there has been somewhat of a learning curve. Lucky for us, one of my fellow “sexies” created this helpful and informative educational video to highlight a few of our favorite PhD products and how to use them.


See y’all soon!

A Review: Triathletes Swim First!


Incase you haven’t noticed winter has ARRIVED!

Damn it got cold! Even way down here in the deep south, we struggled to make it above freezing last week. Burrrr!

However, just like the summer heat….we can’t control the weather and there is work to be done!! Spring will be here before we know it.

Now I realize jumping into a chilly pool MAY not be high on the list of priorities when its sub-zero outside, but its the best time to get some quality swim work accomplished!

And lucky for all of y’all, the ladies over at the The Waterblogged Triathlete have just the thing to help make YOU a better swimmer!


Triathletes Swim First offers over 100 fresh and innovative swim workouts for everyone, from beginner multisport athletes to Ironman finishers. Anyone who has a goal of an improved swim or just a great overall race day would benefit from implementing these workouts into their current training plan.

Most of us realize that EVERY swim workout should incorporate drills to aid in improved technique and ultimately a stronger swimming foundation. However, this is often easier said than done, especially if you aren’t swimming with a group.

More often that not, triathletes end up swimming countless laps with no objective other than to finish the workout. This book changes that. It gives each and every session a purpose. There are drills to work on the front end of the stroke, body roll/rotation skill builders, sets that focus on kicking efficiency, as well as ones for open water sighting. There are even drills and workouts to assist in wetsuit familiarity!


This little book has it ALL!

The ladies over at The Waterblogged Triathlete have an extensive background as swimmers. I encourage you to not only investigate their book, but to check out their website. There is a wealth of information over there and by signing up for email notifications, you’ll always get the latest snipet of swim knowledge delivered right to your inbox!

I received a copy of this book last fall while in the depths of IMFL prep and it wasn’t until December that I really got to play around with the workouts.

I do have a coach who writes my swim sessions, but quite often drill sets are optional…meaning I get to choose the drill. To be honest, I know about five off the top of my head and it can get a little old repeating the same ones day after day. Not to mention, rather unproductive. I now have a fresh set at my disposal and THAT is keeping things fresh, fun, and challenging!

Some things I personally like about the book….

  • there are pace charts to help estimate goal times and tips on converting it to yards from meters
  • there are over ten pages of defined terms….don’t you HATE trying to figure out what 3/8/3 means the first time???
  • almost every other page has tip boxes filled with useful information
  • there are pages to write in your own workouts if you are so inclined

Triathletes Swim First can be found on The WaterBlogged Triathlete website for $29.95.  It is also available at for the same price OR you can download it to your kindle for $7.99!! The best pool toy you’ll ever buy!

Regardless of the distance you race, being an efficient swimmer WILL improve your bike and run splits. Triathletes Swim First is a great tool to start this process. It’s a fantastic resource to keep your workouts both fresh and productive all season long!

Grab a copy and let me know what you think!

Swim Happy, My Friends!


Ironman Florida- 8 weeks and counting


The Ironman bike is the longest part of the day.

As a result, I’ve spent many, many hours on my bike the past 6 weeks and I’ll spend many, many more before November 3rd arrives.

If I’m not on my bike, it seems like I’m either preparing to ride, cleaning up after riding, looking at my riding workout, or posting my riding workout.

You would think my focus would be on triathlon as a whole, but honestly it’s on riding….

and nutrition while riding!

And I’m not gonna lie, most days…..

I don’t really feel like riding….

The past couple of weeks, this seems to always be playing in my head….



In the end, I know it’ll all be worth it though!!

Here’s how the week shook out:

Swim: Long and boring pretty much sums things up. It’s all about resistance to fatigue, so I’m just building distance and trying to hold on to whatever speed I can muster. Totals: 9200 yards/ 3 hrs 15 minutes

Bike: Have I mentioned I’ve ridden my bike quite a bit as of late? Last week, I was still a little nervous about heading to Augusta and riding a hillier course, so I took my long weekend ride a bit north and got some elevation under me. I’m happy to say, we exceeded the elevation we’ll be riding in Georgia and I had absolutely no problems at all. What I did realize is that all this riding has made an enormous difference in my abilities as a cyclist. I would’ve never been able to ride this route last year AND keep up with the guys that were there with me. It was definitely an “a-ha” moment and I finally saw the method to the madness, so to speak. And I like it! Totals: 10 hrs 45 minutes

Run: It’s still obnoxiously hot and humid so running is still more about heat management than anything else. I finally found a few gels and flavors that were palatable in the heat and so that was a success. It’s been a challenge, so now I’m a bit more at ease with my ability to fuel this last leg of the race. Despite the heat, bathroom breaks, aid station stops, and water refills I’m able to maintain a fairly decent pace so I’m hopeful once the weather breaks this will only improve. Totals: 4 hrs 5 minutes

This was a big week and I’ve got another one pretty similar on tap before things start backing off a bit before Augusta. I’m told I’ll be “rested”, but not “fresh”.

Hmm, should be interesting.

I want to send a big round of kuddos to Steena over at Finding my Happy Pace and Mike at Crushing Iron for nailing their 1st Ironman this weekend up in Madison, Wisconsin.

They made 140.6 miles look easy!

Also a shout-out to the slave driver herself, my coach, Liz Waterstraat for her gutsy performance at the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas last weekend. And for also reminding all of us that it IS quite possible to do it all….

and do it all exceptionally well!!

Congratulations to you all!!

Ride Happy, My Friends!


Ironman Florida- 9 weeks and counting….


If I’ve told you I’d meet you, call you, or do something FOR you….

and have forgotten…

I apologize.

Really it’s not you, it’s me….

Just this week alone:

  • I’ve left one of my dogs in the car for well over an hour (luckily at home, in the garage!) and she wasn’t discovered until I got BACK in later that evening….an almost impossible feat as my dogs make their presence very well-known!
  • I gifted my wallet to the checker at Wal-Mart….only discovering it’s absence when searching for my license/ID, 36 hours later, so I could head out and ride my bike yet AGAIN
  • and I failed to pay the mortgage……oops….but ya’ know, days sorta just run together when your ass is glued to a bike seat 24-7. And honestly, I had no earthly idea what day it was much less what bills may or may not be due. I’m now making lists for my lists…

I won’t even try go into the amount of time I spent looking for misplaced car keys, sunglasses, cell phones, water bottles…


But only once…and that really was HIS fault! 🙂


It takes longer than 9 weeks to prove insanity, right??!

9 weeks till Ironman Florida and 4 weeks till Augusta 70.3….

Augusta is actually starting to weigh on my mind a bit more than I thought it would. I don’t know how to explain it other than to say I feel pretty good about Ironman Florida at this point, but at the same time, I feel nowhere near ready to race a half-ironman.

Is this unusual or is it perfectly normal considering the past 6 months of training? I haven’t a clue. I guess we’ll see how it shakes out at the end of the month.

On a positive note, my hip is almost 100% after my crash 2 weeks ago. I was scheduled to race a long distance duathlon (3-33-3) this weekend, but elected to DNS. I just didn’t want to push that envelope and take any unnecessary chances. So I volunteered while my husband and friends did the DU. I got my mileage in later and wasn’t even remotely snarky about missing the race. Since was no swimming and lots of running involved, it would’ve been all work and no fun anyway! 🙂

This was a step back week and unlike last time, 10 hours actually felt like a huge break. That being said, it did take my body until Friday (a good 4 days) to behave like it was rested. Age makes everything so much slower!!

Swim: Only 2 swims this week, but they were both long ones. My hip was co-operating, so they were also good ones. It’s been a long time since I’ve been really excited about a workout because slow and steady just isn’t all that exciting. Friday I finished my 4200 yrd swim before the allotted time, negative splitting the back half with an overall pace faster than my HIM race pace……except this was slow and steady and therefore, THAT was very exciting!!! It doesn’t take much! Totals: 7000 yards/ 2 hrs 25 minutes

Bike: I wish there was something thrilling to report, but really just more hours peddling away. Oh, I got a flat AND changed it! Very exciting times on the bike indeed!! I did head to the northern part of the county to tackle some hills and ease my mind a little about the Augusta bike course. I managed the terrain a bit better than earlier this summer, both mentally and physically so that bodes well for overall improvement. If the weather would break, it would be a huge help because 95F and 90% humidity, while fighting hills and wind just makes for an unpleasant day. Eventually cycling will become fun again….I just know it! Totals: 5 hours

Run: I honestly didn’t think I ran all that much, but the little bits and bricks really do add up. It was nice having a little less on tap though with the recent skyrocketing temps. Hopefully, this is the last heat wave and cooler weather will soon be here to stay! Totals: 2 hrs 30 minutes

This week things are getting crazy again as the volume is going up, up, up. For some reason, I keep thinking it just can’t get THAT much harder….

And yet, every time I come off a period of rest, it does just that.

59 days….

I can do anything for 59 days…..

Swim Happy, My Friends!


Breaking It Down


February has come and gone and I’ve finally had a chance to crunch the numbers.

I’ll do my very best to keep it short and spare y’all the long write-up about my every thought, while training, this past month.

Suffice to say, it has a lot to do with the wind, humidity, and “what the hell was I thinking last year when I signed up for this?”

Swimming: 10 miles/ 5 hours 44 minutes

Cycling: 430 miles/ 21 hours 14 minutes

Running: 93 miles/ 13 hours 53 minutes

Core/Weights: 3 hours 7 minutes

Total: 533 miles/ 44 hours 47 minutes

So, with 3 weeks left until we head to TX, it’s FINALLY time to test the waters.

Tomorrow we travel to Covington, Louisiana for our 1st official race of the season…

It’s just a little sprint (I can’t believe I just wrote that) to shake off some adrenaline, work out any transition kinks, and basically get back into the flow of whole process.

And lets not forget, it’s also to have a little fun…..

the whole reason we do this in the 1st place, right??!!

Y’all have a great weekend!

Train Happy, My Friends!

This Ain’t The Way To Have Fun


For the past 2 weeks the wind has been blowing like a son-of-a bitch.

Take that wind and add a new carbon bike with an extremely aggressive aero position, then throw in 1 slightly ill cyclist….

Well, you may very well have found the perfect storm.

At the very least, if you were on the Mississippi Coast last Sunday, you may have witnessed a nervous breakdown on the side of the road.

I was cooked…done…

My give a shitter, had given out.

By 40 miles I was almost reduced to tears. It took every ounce of mental perseverance to not call my husband to come and retrieve me, load up the bike, and drive my ass home.

My chest hurt, there was a steady 15-20 mph headwind, and the gusts were stronger. When I would change directions, the crosswind became so brutal, simply controlling the bike was a feat in and of itself.

I was angry. No I was downright MAD….


The sad part is, I knew better.

I know, and I knew then, how pointless this is and that I was doing nothing but wasting valuable energy. But I just couldn’t get my head straight.

I finished the 2.5hr ride discouraged, deflated, and downright depressed.

Galveston is going be windy. The conditions are almost identical to what we have here on the Mississippi coast. It’s one of the reasons I elected to do it.

Doubt, however; has now arrived at the party. I guess it was inevitable.

Cycling is my strongest discipline. I depend on having a great ride to set up the run because, for me, running is ALWAYS hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5k at the end of a sprint or 13.1 at the end of the half-ironman. Each and every mile, once I leave T2, are a battle.

I was warned about Galveston and the winds, but elected to take em’ on as opposed to fighting the heat and humidity later in the season.

I’m now wondering if I should’ve heeded the advice of others….

25 days and counting…

Ride Happy, My Friends!