Ironman Florida- 9 weeks and counting….


If I’ve told you I’d meet you, call you, or do something FOR you….

and have forgotten…

I apologize.

Really it’s not you, it’s me….

Just this week alone:

  • I’ve left one of my dogs in the car for well over an hour (luckily at home, in the garage!) and she wasn’t discovered until I got BACK in later that evening….an almost impossible feat as my dogs make their presence very well-known!
  • I gifted my wallet to the checker at Wal-Mart….only discovering it’s absence when searching for my license/ID, 36 hours later, so I could head out and ride my bike yet AGAIN
  • and I failed to pay the mortgage……oops….but ya’ know, days sorta just run together when your ass is glued to a bike seat 24-7. And honestly, I had no earthly idea what day it was much less what bills may or may not be due. I’m now making lists for my lists…

I won’t even try go into the amount of time I spent looking for misplaced car keys, sunglasses, cell phones, water bottles…


But only once…and that really was HIS fault! 🙂


It takes longer than 9 weeks to prove insanity, right??!

9 weeks till Ironman Florida and 4 weeks till Augusta 70.3….

Augusta is actually starting to weigh on my mind a bit more than I thought it would. I don’t know how to explain it other than to say I feel pretty good about Ironman Florida at this point, but at the same time, I feel nowhere near ready to race a half-ironman.

Is this unusual or is it perfectly normal considering the past 6 months of training? I haven’t a clue. I guess we’ll see how it shakes out at the end of the month.

On a positive note, my hip is almost 100% after my crash 2 weeks ago. I was scheduled to race a long distance duathlon (3-33-3) this weekend, but elected to DNS. I just didn’t want to push that envelope and take any unnecessary chances. So I volunteered while my husband and friends did the DU. I got my mileage in later and wasn’t even remotely snarky about missing the race. Since was no swimming and lots of running involved, it would’ve been all work and no fun anyway! 🙂

This was a step back week and unlike last time, 10 hours actually felt like a huge break. That being said, it did take my body until Friday (a good 4 days) to behave like it was rested. Age makes everything so much slower!!

Swim: Only 2 swims this week, but they were both long ones. My hip was co-operating, so they were also good ones. It’s been a long time since I’ve been really excited about a workout because slow and steady just isn’t all that exciting. Friday I finished my 4200 yrd swim before the allotted time, negative splitting the back half with an overall pace faster than my HIM race pace……except this was slow and steady and therefore, THAT was very exciting!!! It doesn’t take much! Totals: 7000 yards/ 2 hrs 25 minutes

Bike: I wish there was something thrilling to report, but really just more hours peddling away. Oh, I got a flat AND changed it! Very exciting times on the bike indeed!! I did head to the northern part of the county to tackle some hills and ease my mind a little about the Augusta bike course. I managed the terrain a bit better than earlier this summer, both mentally and physically so that bodes well for overall improvement. If the weather would break, it would be a huge help because 95F and 90% humidity, while fighting hills and wind just makes for an unpleasant day. Eventually cycling will become fun again….I just know it! Totals: 5 hours

Run: I honestly didn’t think I ran all that much, but the little bits and bricks really do add up. It was nice having a little less on tap though with the recent skyrocketing temps. Hopefully, this is the last heat wave and cooler weather will soon be here to stay! Totals: 2 hrs 30 minutes

This week things are getting crazy again as the volume is going up, up, up. For some reason, I keep thinking it just can’t get THAT much harder….

And yet, every time I come off a period of rest, it does just that.

59 days….

I can do anything for 59 days…..

Swim Happy, My Friends!


Ride Safely, My Friends!


Yesterday, the cycling community lost a dear friend when he was struck down while riding his bike in the early morning hours.

It’s been a very, very sad 24 hours and it’s one of those rare moments where I’m at a total loss for words.

Luckily another fellow cyclist/triathlete and friend was able to sum up what most of us are feeling right now.

KC’s well written tribute is linked below…

In addition to being married, Dale had 3 young children.

Try to keep them in your thoughts and prayers right now.

And please, PLEASE…. be careful out there. I don’t want to hear about any of you running into similar circumstances.

I just don’t think I could take it.

Ride Safely, My Friends!


Ironman Florida- 21 Weeks and Counting

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans -John Lennon

This has turned into the summer of outdoor home repair.

So while it is summer and I should be free to gallivant around town….swimming, biking, and running to my hearts desire, I’m bound to the schedule of those helping us get our exterior in order.

So I sit and wait…

For the painters, for the guys repairing our failing bulkhead (a seawall keeping out land OUT of the bayou), the gutter man, the pool leak detector, the pool REPAIRMAN (because the guy who FINDS the leak can’t actually REPAIR it…WTF???!!), and the landscapers….

There’s a story here….

So I walked out back, early one morning, and said hello to our wonderful painters. I looked at our pool/hot tub and noticed the hot tub was totally empty and leaking into the yard.


So I filled it up and went to run my 6 miles, rationalizing I’d “test” how quickly it emptied…

Yea well, it was empty 52 minutes and 49 seconds later.

Also why I called the leak detector guy….who then told me there was a leak (no??!!), but he doesn’t fix them!

I then got to perform my Crossfit routine for the week by digging out the yard to FIND it…

Oh, and I found it alright….

And my wonderful pool guy came out on Saturday and fixed it. 😉

And my wonderful husband got to backfill the yard. 😉

I’d like to say this is a rare occurrence around here, but it’s not. We’re starting to believe we built this house on ancient burial grounds or something because this has pretty much been how our life has gone since we built the place 4 years ago.

If all else fails, laugh!


I’ve gotten my training in, but it has been a chore.

  • Swimming: I’m averaging right at 9000 yrds a week divided up over 3 swims. I tried like hell, this week, to drop down to a 2 beat kick and finally gave it up. I’ve used a 4-6 beat for so long that it was not only slowing me down, but also ruining my roll to the point my back started to hurt. I have added in a few more kick sets though to help boost the overall strength of my kick. I know a lot of triathletes don’t utilize a lot of kicking, but I was a swimmer first and I kick quite a bit.
  • Cycling: I hit right around 6 hours in the saddle, also split over 3 sessions; 2 shorter/1 longer. The big development was my Quarq started misbehaving and you’d like to think I could no longer pedal without it. I LOVE that thing! I’m hoping it was due to some residual dirt and grime on the magnets, but I won’t know for sure until after todays ride. I spent yesterday de-greasing everything, giving it all a good cleaning, and then a fresh application of Rock and Roll Dry Lube. That is some good stuff!!! If that doesn’t do the trick then it’s off to the LBS for some adjustments with the torque wrench. I’ll keep ya’ posted!!
  • Running: It’s hot and humid, but I’m doing alright. For the first time in ages I’ve got a really good grip on the heat and how to manage my longer runs in the current conditions. My longest so far (post Gulf Coast) is 1:10 and building. It’s the shorter ones that tend to cause me more problems because they usually involve drills, hills, or pick-ups…no speed work per-say, but enough “work” to make me a little more uncomfortable in the heat. The goal, during those workouts, has been to not only complete the session, but to keep the negative chatter away. So far, I’ve been able to do so.

Next week is a step back week and my coach was nice enough to sneak a run test onto the schedule as well…

It’s been a while since that was evaluated so it should certainly be interesting.

I hope everyone is having a great summer training and racing.

Best of Luck to everyone tackling Ironman Kansas and Ironman Boise this weekend as well!

Race Happy, My Friends!


A little perspective….


Last Sunday I wrapped up the last  “long” weekend of training before Gulf Coast 70.3.

It was brutally windy with near 100% humidity. I had the pleasure of biking and running in it for 4 hours. Yeah me!

It was, however, superb practice for the potentially miserable conditions I may be facing on May 11th. As a matter of fact, this shitty weather has become the norm around here. So in reality, I should be VERY well prepared for this race! should be……

So the work is done…

The hay is in the barn….

I’ve resorted to stalking the local news channel, but alas it only goes out 7 days and it’s not giving me any information regarding winds and seas.


I’ll have to defer to Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel for the specifics I guess!

rough waters from last year

rough waters from last year

Basically I’m trying to get my head wrapped around a very rough swim in the Gulf and a very, very windy ride through Panama City Beach….

Then there’s a humid 13.1 to cap it off….

Did you know the official nickname of Gulf Coast is Gulf Roast?

Hmmm, I did not until earlier this week and I am so grateful to the individual who shared that with me! 🙂


2 very good things:

  1. I’m wearing an orange cap…
  2. I’m the 2nd wave to hit the water at 6:25am….

A friend of mine sent me an email yesterday to reminded me a little perspective is never a bad thing…..

“Some think guts is sprinting at the end of a race. But guts is what got you there to begin with. Guts start back in the hills with 6 miles to go and you’re thinking of how you can get out of this race without anyone noticing. Guts begin when you still have forty minutes of torture left and you’re already hurting more than you ever remember.”

-George Sheehan



Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Race Happy, My Friends!


Write it Down…Make it Count!


March is blowing in quickly and for some of us that means we’ve got about 4-6 weeks to get ready for the 1st race of the season…

Time to iron out the kinks and figure out how much damage old man winter has really done to the body!

One thing, I’m doing over the next few weeks is taking some time to really figure out what I hope to achieve throughout the 2013 race season.

I’m actually putting pen to paper and WRITING DOWN some goals….

goalsettingThe SMART kind….

What’s on my list so far?

Here’s a peek:

  1.  Shortened transition times….no more picnics only drive-bys! I say this every year, but this time I mean it…I’ve GOT to get in and out of that place in under 90secs this year!
  2.  Much improved swim times. I have the specifics written down as we all should, and I’ve worked my ASS off to get where I want them to be so hopefully it will transpire..
  3.  To be a more efficient cyclist…again I have all kinds of numbers written down and they seem ridiculously easy, but having just put the quarq on my bike a few weeks ago I realize how inefficient I’ve been these past few years. Speed is great, but ultimately I’ve got to be an efficient engine…and so the work goes on!

There you have it….three long-term objectives for year-end improvement.

Each race will have its own set of goals and ideally they’ll be tied to the BIG 3 so I will always be working to meet my primary objectives.

So what about you??!!

Have you taken a minute to think about what you want to accomplish this year?

What are you gonna do to make it count?

Ride Happy, My Friends!


A First of Sorts…

-“Condition gounded, but determined to try” -Pink Floyd…. Learning To Fly


Tomorrow was supposed to be my last race of the season, but it is not to be.

No real surprise, but I’m still a bit disappointed. I raced the Santa Rosa Tri last year so I really wanted to use it, this year, to measure year over year progress.

Seeing how I have yet to log any considerable pain-free mile since March, I decided a few weeks ago that participating was really pointless.

And I was REALLY, REALLY tired of racing injured and hurting, only to be frustrated with the end result.

So now a new experience….

My 1st DNS!!!!

And hopefully my last! 😉

My hip and glute are feeling closer to normal with each day. I’ve been able to return to running and cycling. While I finally don’t hurt DURING activity, I do tighten up quite a bit after all is said and done. A lot of tissue work is still being performed to keep things loose and mobile.

Sometimes I’m successful….other times not so much.

As does the healing process go…

So racing, right now, is out of the question.

And there are bigger goals on the horizon for 2013.

I’m learning…

Slowly, but surely!

Run Happy, My Friends!

Keeping a Low Profile

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just keep your damn mouth shut!    -Mom’s all around the world

Sage advice, no doubt and the reason I’ve been keeping a low profile.

No need to dampen everyone’s training and racing successes! But at the same time, I didn’t want y’all to think I’d been kidnapped by Wal-martians or been run over by beer guzzling rednecks!

So I decided to give y’all a brief update…stop smirking, it’s comparably brief!

Mississippi is on full alert..

Well, the Gulf Coast at least…as I’ve become more and more cranky by the day. It has become quite evident, that this issue with my knee/leg is going to require some serious time off running.

1st, I actually need a diagnosis!

The thing about having a husband for a physician is that you get a lot of what I refer to as, “back door medical advice”.

Sure I can get an MRI in an hour and my results just as fast, but the opinions are really as good as what I can look up on the internet.

“It may be….”  week 1-2

“Oh, better be careful…it looks like it could be….”  week 2-3

“I bet it’s….”  week 3-4

You know the saying, “Opinions are like assholes…..everyones got one!”

Ask 100 doctors their diagnosis, you WILL get a different answer almost every time. I promise!

I warned you…I’m cranky!

So here I sit, 4 weeks later with a whole bunch of free advice about an MRI that “might” show a stress fracture or “might” just be a normal variant of the training load I was doing.

NOTHING…NOTHING….NOTHING replaces a hands on exam and I know this, but I was being lazy…..

trying to take the easy way out because the orthopedist isn’t the easiest person to see

AND maybe because I kinnda wanted to cherry pick the advice I accepted.

Those that said “overuse”, ITB issues, tendonitits…..yeah, well they HAD to be spot on!! Anyone who said stress fracture….pfft, CRAZY!!

I mean, come ON… REALLY??!!! How could I have a stress fracture?? I can hop on 1 leg for Gods sake.

I wasn’t training THAT much…cough, cough….not as much as most….some….a few.

See, it only hurts when I run…yes, I know that’s just 10 steps, but it doesn’t get REALLY bad until about a mile…., maybe .5 mile and if I stop and walk for a sec, well I can repeat the whole process…about 7 or 8 times actually.

Stress fracture…pfft, y’all are nuts!


So, now after once again trying to run last week and at just under .3 miles (yes, that’s barely to the stop sign at the end of the street..I KNOW, I KNOW) having that ole familiar pain creep back into my lateral knee, I conceded…..

I cried uncle.

Then I screamed bloody murder, cried holy hell, and had a good old-fashioned temper tantrum!

I was long overdue, really.

Then realized, as usual, I have no one to blame but myself.

I always say, life mimics sport…sport mimics life…however you wanna see the glass…

This is another fine example.

There is no easy way out…there is no simple solution.

It needs an actual VISIT to the physician so he can actually touch it, see it, compare the films with his clinical exam, and finally take what I’m telling him and make a good judgement call.

Then maybe I’ll have an opinion worth a damn.

So, for now…

Swimming, swimming, swimming….cycling, cycling, and more cycling.

And I’ll work on the crankiness too!

Swim Happy, My Friends!