Weekend Shout Outs


This is a HUGE weekend for racing all around the country!

Lots going on from coast to coast.

From Vineman and Lake Stevens out on the West Coast to Ironman Racine 70.3 in the Midwest.

Despite the scorching temperatures, I’m a wee bit jealous to be a spectathalete this weekend and not suiting up in my spandex.


Have no fear though, I shall be utilizing every ounce of personal endurance to stalk track all of y’all, sending good mojo your way…

The badass award of the week will have to be shared amongst Steena and Jeannie.…both of whom will be finishing their 1st 70.3 this weekend!!

Rock on Ladies! Way to set a goal and get it done!

Good Times will definitely be had by both; a day to remember!

Also there will be some others out there mixing it up doing great things….

Becca taking on Vineman 70.3 and kicking its ass again this year. Stuart will be tackling it as well after battling injury these past few weeks. Gee, we all know a thing or two about that around here, don’t we???

Corey and Jeff will be out at Racine 70.3, with Steena, setting course records on the bike/run no doubt!

And as for the rest of you racing and I know there are many….

Well, y’all know what to do,

Race Smart….

Race Strong….

and as always….

Race Happy, My Friends!

I Got Your Luck Right Here!


Lots of folks….myself included….are heading to the starting line this weekend.

I wanted to put some good luck mojo out there, but then decided I know of no one who really needs it…

Why might that be you ask?

Are we all THAT good that we don’t warrant a lil’ extra hocus pocus as we make our way through our respective courses??

Of course not…

However, I do tend to believe that it’s all those months of hard work that’s gonna make the fairy dust flow….

So as you’re making your way through the challenges of the day, keep that in mind.

And remember….

Y’all are all “luckier” than most!

That being said…

Race strong, race proud, and as always…..

Race Happy, My Friends!

and kick a little ass along the way too!! 😉

The Bigger Picture


We all know returning from illness and injury is one of the MOST frustrating things we do as athletes.

We’re mentally and on some levels physically ready to tackle the challenges, but in reality our bodies are still needing that extra bit of TLC to get us back to our previous level of performance.

For me, it’s all about being told that I “CAN”T” do something. Y’all know running isn’t my greatest passion, but tell me I can’t do it or that I can’t do it adequately….

It just doesn’t go over very well.

So as I make my way back to running…SLOWLY…it has been a 2 steps forward, 15 steps backwards kind of process. However, I am oh so grateful for each and every one of those pain-free steps.

I’ve finally succumb to the fact that racing for anything other than a finish (and improved transition times 😉 ), this season, is simply unrealistic.

The bigger picture is more important and that’s to be back running strong by fall; training for Galveston 70.3 and Gulf Coast 70.3 by the holidays.

So while I’ll participate in my scheduled “events” throughout the summer, there are no huge expectations tied to performance. I’ll be very grateful to have the ability to say I RAN out of T2 and finished the day.

Ran always sounds better than run!!

On that note….

I want to take a minute to send some Good Luck  mojo to everyone racing this weekend….

A BIG shout out to those over in The Woodlands getting ready to tackle IMTX and in Haines City for Florida 70.3!! Y’all show em’ how it’s done!!

And most importantly…a huge, HUGE wish of strength and fortitude to my husband, who is just mentally unstable enough to tackle a 10k open water swim over in Pensacola this Sunday.

6.2 miles is a long way in the Gulf, I don’t care how good of a swimmer you are….

I think I’ll be driving home from Florida Sunday afternoon 🙂

Race Happy, My Friends!!

Good Luck Racers: Seize the Day


This is a huge weekend for racing, from coast to coast, so I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone whose lining up Saturday and Sunday.

Your day has finally arrived!!

A quick list of events around the country (that I’m aware of people racing…):

  • IronMan St. George….several 1st timers including Becca from See Becca Try to Tri! Next time we hear from her, she WILL BE an IRONMAN! Enjoy the day Becca, you earned it!
  • Rev3 Knoxville
  • The Flying Pig Marathon
  • the ever famous…err infamous…Wildflower Triathlon
  • OC Half-Marathon….go Sugar!!!
  • PHG Marathon
  • IronGirl Sprint Triathlon
  • Wisconsin Marathon….I expect to see you with a cheesehead on at some point Steena!!

Best of luck to everyone!!

May you all finish healthy, meet your goals, but most importantly enjoy your time out on your respective courses. Y’all have put so much time into preparing and sacrificed so much to get to THIS day….

relish in the moment….soak up every detail….

and kick some ass along the way!!

Race Happy, My Friends!