Trust the Process


Just-Say-No-to-ResolutionsI’m not a big fan of New Years resolutions. I personally find them gimmicky and they just don’t work. Why wait until January 1st to do something significant?

I’ve never understood that…

Instead of a resolution, every year I like to come up with a personal mantra.

A small phrase….a few words…to keep my mind in the right place for the tasks that lie ahead.

It took me a while to settle on something for 2013. This year is going to be very different from anything I’ve experienced in the past.

Last year was all about getting the job done….it didn’t have to pretty to be a success. 2012 was the year of¬†Finding a Way to get the job done.

When it got unbearably hot, humid, and miserable….when my knee felt like it was never going to heal….when I thought I might vomit from the smell of chlorine…I simply repeated the mantra, “Find a Way!” over and over until the negative vibes passed.

And it worked like a charm. It’s now embedded in my subconscious; my day-to-day behavior and training, so I don’t need to reference it like I did in the past. Although, I have been known to pull it out from time to time…

like the 10x 100 swim test when the lactic acid is pooling in my upper body and I still have 4 sets remaining… ūüėČ


As 2012 rolled into 2013 I KNEW things were going to be different.

Once I signed up for Ironman Florida and made the decision to hire a coach my entire world changed.

I gave control to someone else.

AND that, my friends, is no easy task.

When she told me to slow down on the bike, I had to choose to listen….or not.

When she cut both my running pace and distance, I had to decide to listen….or not.

When she told me to swim MORE than I wanted or felt I needed, I again had to decide to listen…..or not.

When she said rest…to not run that half-marathon I had on tap…to cut back my running even more and build even slower….I had to scream, yell, cuss¬† decide to listen…..or not.

Fortunately, I made good choices.

I decided to have faith in her knowledge, her experience, and her wisdom.

I decided to put my ego to bed, ignore how far and how fast everyone else was moving, and to trust.

I decided to trust not only my coach, but the process.

The road to Ironman is a LONG one….much longer than the race itself.¬†I may not always like it, but I try like hell to trust the path.


I’ll keep ya’ posted on how I do!

Swim Happy, My Friends!


The Year of the Dragon…Finding Her Way


Welcome to 2012!

I survived…how ’bout y’all?

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL holiday and is back to doing what they love with a vengeance.

The start of a new year is always a good time to reassess things….keep what works, change what doesn’t, and add in a lil’ something new to the mix.

One of may favorite things to change-up each year, is my mantra….

The start of a new year just seems like a great time for a new “go to” phrase to help carry you the distance when you need it most.

Kinnda like in the Chinese Calendar…except for motivation.

Fun Fact of the Day:

2012 is the year of the:

DRAGON…..just incase you were curious ūüôā

Well in MY calendar, 2012 is the year of


When it seems too hard, too long, too hot ,too cold, too windy….that there’s not time, that fatigue is too great, or that the legs just won’t move another step….

That’s when it’s time to simply “FIND A WAY”.

It doesn’t have to pretty, set records, or establish new heights of performance.

Just digging deep and finding a way is a measure of success in and of itself.

I think this will carry over well throughout the 2012 racing season as I tackle the 70.3 distance a couple of times and evaluate my desire/ability to complete the full 140.6 in 2013 or 2014.

So how about you?

What changes did you make for 2012?

What worked so well in 2011 that you kept it around for another year?

It’s really good to be back with everyone!! I’ve missed y’all! ūüôā

Train Happy, My Friends!

Friday Find


OH MY……. it has been a long time since I brought y’all a super cool item that I’ve located.

Well I promise to not keep my finds so secretive in the future. What can I say, I get busy bitching about the heat and such and things slip my mind.

But as I see fall on the horizon (don’t you…come on now…see it out there??!!), I want to show you this awesome long sleeve T-shirt I found over at See Jane Run.

First, if you haven’t been there…go (RUN!) now. They have some of the greatest running/fitness apparel I have come across in a long time.

They also have a pretty great “mantra” and those are very important as all of y’all who keep up with things around here know.

So here’s the little number I bought in order to be properly prepared when fall comes rushing in….

The shirt is a very soft lavender by Oiselle.

The front has the phrase “There is a little bit of Jane in all of Us” printed across it and the back has the mantra I mentioned above.

It’s such a well¬†proportioned shirt. It’s a female cut, but it is not tightly fitted. I normally order an XL in any shirt that looks to be one of those skin-tight numbers and I was able to go with a large and will have no fears when it enters dryer land.










I also ordered a bag because….well I could. I love bags much to my husband’s disappointment. I tend to pick one up any and¬†every chance I get and this was no exception.

Hey, you never know when you’ll need an extra place to stow the bike shoes, helmet or swim gear. It never fits in bag…EVER!!


Now these are just two of the many many items that they have over at .


You really need to head over and take a look for yourself or should you be a guy, simply share your wealth of new knowledge¬†with the ladies in your life. ūüôā

I promise there is something for everyone here¬†and probably something your neighbors won’t have yet to boot!

Y’all have an awesome weekend!!

Train Happy, My Friends!

Rewind and Repeat


I am on the quest.

Yes, I’m always looking for something.¬†Today it’s a¬†new mantra.

I have tons of quotes, songs, and phrases locked away in my mind to use when necessary. Mantra’s are different.

They tend to be shorter and contain key words to pull you through a tough scenario. A short word or two, 10 in my case it seems, that snaps you out of that bad mental mojo and puts the mind where it needs to be so you can get to conquering the task ahead. 

I desperately need a good¬†one of those…and SOON.

Last Sunday my 7.5 mile run turned into a mental battle of endurance instead of the physical one I had planned. It was a hot, humid, sunny morning with no breeze. The heat index was 92 at 6:30 when I started and rose quickly from there. The only “mantra” I could come up with, to convince myself to keep going was, “you are not going to die on this road right now, today.”Although, I wasn’t totally convinced of this fact¬†until around mile 6.5.

I’ve been having issues with my saddle as well.¬†A short mantra,¬†something other than, “hang in there, soon you’ll be off this piece of shit seat” would definitely give me something a bit more constructive to focus on during those last 15-20 miles.

So here’s where y’all come into the equation. Share some of those empowering words that get you through the really tough mental battles. Do you have some that you tried and they ehhh, didn’t quite cut it?? Fill me in. I am the mantra sponge, absorbing any and all you’ve got.

I’ll let y’all know when I find “THE” one.¬†It needs to be soon though…

2 weeks till Houston

Ride Happy, My Friends!