Studies show that keeping a diary or journal is the best way to keep a person focused on their goals.  AND that people who write down their daily progress are more likely to reach the proverbial finish line than those who do not.

With that in mind…

I have always been a fan of training journals. I enjoy jotting down each workout and how I was feeling; my intensities/workloads, heart rate, and any mental or physical pain I was feeling that day.

It’s particularly enjoyable to go BACK and see the progress. Sometimes fitness is gained at such a snail’s pace. I find journals are the best way to reflect back and see how much progress has been made. Especially when you feel like you’re in a rut and not improving.

Since we all love our techy gadgets, the training journal market has been quick to feed our need. There are tons of online journals out there and most are absolutely free, or at least have a portion that’s free. 

There is honestly no good reason to NOT  log your miles!!

I have found Daily Mile  to be one of the most simplistic online diaries out there today.

What I like about this platform is the user can do as much, or as little, as he or she wants.

It has the ability to track everything from running and swimming, to weight training and elliptical machines. There is also the added benefit of being able to add individualized activities if you participate in say, martial arts, or some other unique discipline.

It can be linked with Facebook (or not) and there are widgets (oy, don’t go there with me) that can be placed on your blog for your readers to follow as well. There are also a few themes to spice things up if you so desire.

When you explore the program you will start to locate friends who are also using Daily Mile. This allows everyone to send each other encouragement and motivation to keep spirits high and it also adds a bit of accountability. Which never hurts, right?

Daily Mile will sync with your Garmin, so all of you data freaks can continue to get your graph fix without any hiccups. Trust me, I understand how important that can be!!

For the race junkies, there is a place to keep track of events and outcomes. It can even search nationwide for competitions incase you’re having a hard time finding something to fill a particular weekend! Pretty cool!

The “training” tab is where all the cumulative data is stored. It gives the basics…distances, times, how you feel…all the usual suspects.

NOW….the fun part…

This program has a “training analytics” section which gives some highly user-friendly information!

It actually tells you how many DONUTS you’ve burned!! I’ve killed 58 since I’ve started keeping a log 2 weeks ago! Take that Krispy Kreme!

Daily Mile will also inform you of your potential “green”  status as it keeps a log of all the gas you could be saving and TVs you could be powering with all this expended energy.

But most importantly, it’s a very user-friendly platform. It takes mere minutes to set up and even less time than that to enter your daily workout.


Give it a shot.  Go to DailyMile  and sign up for your free account and get started. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.

Train Happy, My Friends!

Houston, We Have Lift Off!!!


OK, so I’m not a blogger…let’s all be sure we all know that. I’m doing this as a school project/favor because that is just the kind of person I am.

So here I am in the blogosphere of hell…stressed, tense and eating carbs like the president is gonna start taxing them tomorrow…AHHHH!!!

I should be resting…It’s my taper week you see…Sunday is The Big Day

So I SHOULD be living a stress-free existence. Not panicking about why my widgets and fonts are not behaving as I demand. As you can see, fonts are boring and widgets are non existent. All in time my friends, all in time…why have all the fun in the 1st 96 hrs right???

So anyway, today was the last run of training. I did it naked….get your minds out of the gutter…without technology naked…which is HUGE for me b/c I love my gadgets!! It was a pleasant 5 mile jaunt, which if I could get the Daily Mile widget up you would already know that! So now I wait for AquaDoc to return from his swim so we can pick up BoyGenius and head to the city!!

Best of luck to all who are participating. Hopefully the combination of good weather, months of hard work and a touch of luck will pay off in the end. Most of all, I hope to simply enjoy the day, the process, and run with a smile!!

Ok well… this has been, uh..interesting in fun kind of way. Now lets see if I can post it without deleting it…the true test!

And some parting thoughts for the weekends festivities:
Sweat is the cologne of accomplishment.  ~Heywood Hale Broun

Run Happy, My Friends!