Breaking Down PhD Nutrition


There are so many wonderful benefits of being a member of Big Sexy Racing.

One of which, is learning about products I haven’t had the pleasure of being exposed to until now.

PhD Nutrition is a prime example. As a team sponsor, I have the opportunity to incorporate these new (to me) products into my daily training and experiment with something I would never have thought to try.

PhD Nutrition is one of the fastest growing nutrition brands in the UK and they’re finally getting some well deserved exposure over here in the US. This innovative line of products not only tastes great, but delivers serious results.

However, with it being relatively new and unfamiliar (again, to me!) there has been somewhat of a learning curve. Lucky for us, one of my fellow “sexies” created this helpful and informative educational video to highlight a few of our favorite PhD products and how to use them.


See y’all soon!