The Heat Is On


Today’s AP Headline:

Heat gripping half of US expected to last for days




And this has been me as of late.

If it’s only going to get worse, I can only imagine what I’ll turn into before summer’s end.

It “supposedly” takes 2 -4 weeks for the average person to adapt to the change in heat and humidity of their environment. I keep thinking I’ve got it nailed, then the mercury spikes a bit more and humidity rises again or the damn sun comes out at 5am instead of hiding behind the morning clouds. At about the 2 mile point my skin feels like it’s a steak searing on a BBQ grill and I’m sweating so profusely that I look like I’ve just come out of the bayou that runs behind our house. Then I become very irrational and start to bargain with the Gods above for people to please, please have their sprinklers on just today. I promise to run slow. Hell, I’ll even stop and walk. Just give me some waterrrrrr. Of course, no luck. People in my neighborhood NEVER water their grass…EVER !!

 Ahh, so goes the quest to achieve heat stroke acclimation.

I get the science behind it all….sweat glands need to grow, dilate adapt.  The heart rate and respiratory system has some adjusting to do and so I need to modify workouts and slow down. But quite frankly, it’s impossible do the scheduled “easy” run when the conditions are as such. My RPE is a 8/10 simply standing in the driveway attempting to lock on satellites. Not good!

This, quite frankly, is the shitty part of training. I LOATHE this time of year. Some hate the cold (ie.. AquaDoc), but heat is my kryptonite. Normally, I wuss out and head indoors to an air-conditioned gym treadmill. Yes, I understand all races and events are held outdoors with all the wonderful experiences oppressive heat and humidity have to offer. Yes, I realize I don’t acclimate if I’m not out there in the thick of it. And yes, I realize my performance will always be sub-optimimal if I don’t train in the conditions in which I plan to race. I KNOW all of this. It’s just so damn HOT!

So in the words of a new friend I guess it’s time to HTFU, right??? Just deal with it and get over it, right??? It is what it is. I can’t change it, only how I deal with it.

Studies say 2-4 weeks to acclimate? Well, I’ve been at it about 4-6 weeks now, so I guess I’m a slow acclimater. My pace however has picked back up towards normal. I guess that shows some sort of progress. Although my RPE and heart rate are still through the roof at times.

My fuel belt has now become my sprinkler system. My main problem seems to be with a rapid rise in core temperature so it’s imperative that I shower myself every mile or so. Running in the rain may be a good solution as well. If it ever rains again that is.

For now, I think I’ll hit the pool, do some laps and avoid the heat for today. 

Y’all stay cool out there!!

Swim Happy, My Friends!!

Pool Pass, Check


Tomorrow is definitely THE day…and this time I mean it.

My pool pass is paid up and ready to go… thank you AquadDoc. My suit is ready and oh-so flattering as always.  My goggles, swim cap, Pool-Mate watch, towel, shower caddy, change of clothes, and gum (1 thing you should know about me is that I NEVER workout without gum…anywhere, anyplace, anytime) are all packed and in my bag and ready to be put to good use.

Tomorrow, for the 1st time since last April, here is where you can find me

Why so long you ask??

I wish I had a good answer, but I don’t. I simply hang my head in triathlete shame. tsk tsk…shame on me.

Excuses??? Now those I can give you…

Between you and me, I can’t say I’ve been in a huge rush to jump into that freakin’ cold water. I do not care what AquaDoc, the lifeguards, swim coaches, or anyone else says, 77 degrees is cold… C-O-L-D, no way around it…its wetsuit legal for God’s sake!!!  

And those sport suits…really?? Man, they are more uncomfortable than they are hideous. I may just go old school and swim in a t-shirt…I’ll simply call it strength and conditioning day!

It’s also good to note that I swim on a limited attention span. See, I swam competitively growing up so I tend to be somewhat quick to lapse into Speedo burnout.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the sport. I love everything about it. The smell of chlorine when I walk into the natatorium, the sight of the starting blocks and the time clocks against the wall. Even the bathrooms take me back to when I was a kid screwing around between events or after practice.

I had some great times swimming…..

Well, I’m not sure how great my times were, but I did have a lot fun and I have tons of great memories… most of those; however, do not involve the actual swimming of laps. Imagine that!

So, I’m not sure why I always have such a hard time dragging myself BACK to such a comfortable place. Maybe I’ll figure it out as I study that little black line tomorrow.

Cuz, I’m going…and this time ,I mean it!!!

Swim Happy, My Friends!