Ruby’s Lube- Serious Motion Potion


The weather here has turned finally turned nice and we can all get outside once again, But not before lots and lots of hours being logged on the trainer. Normally my body takes quite a bit of abuse during the winter and I enter spring a bit torn-up and abused from all the stationary riding. Not this year!! I’m proud to say, I came through unscathed thanks to the help of Ruby’s Lube.

This stuff works like a charm! It isn’t greasy and it smells great as well! In addition, you’ll find Ruby’s Lube to be all natural, non-irritating and can be used anywhere you desire…. from your cycling chamois- to your dry elbows- to the spot on your big toe, that your favorite running shoes are rubbing raw.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it, give em’ a shout and they’ll send you a sample. You’ll be glad you did!



Enjoy the beautiful weather! It’s gettin’ hot FAST!

See y’all soon!!