Survivial Of The Fittest


This week BoyGenius had to do a science project. The assignment was to create specific physical adaptations in a species so to better improve their survival in the future. He had to come up with 5 different changes and write a paper describing why these changes would help his animal and then draw his new and improved creature.

This got me thinking (I know, I know…contain your shock and awe).

If I could create 1 adaptation for myself, what would it be?

Gills to swim super fish speed..

Maybe quads the size of tree trunks for record-breaking bike splits ( you know, I WAS once called “Tree Trunk Legs” in elementary school, if I had only known then..) ..

Or what about Wonder Woman’s super stamina and super speed so I could run forever and never need another banana flavored gel. Yes, that would be nice indeed!

unfortunately we don’t get to pick and choose how our bodies adapt to exercise. It’s an ever-changing dynamic and a huge part of what makes this process so interesting.

What works one month, may not work another. As the body responds and adapts it is our job to listen to it and respond as well. If our body is telling us it is tired we must obey and rest. If it is hungry, thirsty, or in pain we must continue to do our part if we expect to continue on the path of improvement and see positive training adaptations.

Basically, its good old-fashioned hard work and a dose of common sense thrown in for good measure.

Boring and simple yet guaranteed to produces the best results every time.

Ride Happy, My Friends!