Ironman Florida- 19 weeks and Counting


I’m a week late on the IM19 recap…

If all goes well this week will be a two-fer…

No promises though…

Last week we fled the premises…

Training while on vacation is a first and while ideally I would’ve preferred the trip to fall during a recovery week, it didn’t happen that way….

Such as the training calendar turns…

Unknown-2Vacation took us to a little barrier island about 2 hours east of Panama City Beach, just across from Apalachicola, FL.

St. George Island and Apalachicola are TINY!!

No condos, no malls, no grocery outlets….

The beaches were beautiful; porpoises swam as close as 20 feet from shore, pelicans hung out with kids on rafts, otters would cross the road in the middle of the day, and it was so quiet you could hear the fisherman talking offshore.


Very slow-paced and the perfect place to get some quality training in AND some quality recovery time!!



I finally got to spend some time in an outdoor pool and let me tell you, I do not know how you folks do it…That pool was 89-91F and felt like I was swimming through waves of warm pee. I couldn’t swim more than 250 yds without stopping to allow the sea-breeze to cool me off some. The Biloxi natatorium, where I log my swimming yardage at home, is a constant chilly 80-84F and while it’s a bit frigid to start, after about 800 yds things feel pretty good. No longer will I dream of swimming in an outdoor pool thank you very much!! I got the work done, but there were no real endurance sets or speed sets for that matter. It was just a matter of putting my head down and grinding out some laps, around 9000 yards total for the week….and refilling my water bottle A LOT!


THIS was the best place to ride! sorta…

The island has 2 roads that travel from one end of the island to the other. One of the roads has a “bit” more traffic while the other is where the golf carts, scooters, and tandem bikes travel. I told you, it is LOW key!!!

We rode from 1 side of the island and back...then back...and back...and back

We rode from 1 side of the island to the other and then back and forth several times

This little sliver of land is only about 22 miles long, but it is a straight shot with very few stops. But don’t let the flatness of the terrain confuse you…. these were no easy rides! The wind out here was brutal. Fortunately, we’re use to breezy conditions on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. It’s not uncommon to have 10-15 mph winds in your face for hours on end! It was a good thing too because once we got out here, the winds were blowing 15 mph or so, but there was NOTHING to break that wind….no trees, buildings…NOTHING….It was like peddling in the middle of the ocean. But work is work…watts are watts and so we just put in the time and enjoyed ourselves. We got a few 90 min rides in and then a I logged my 3.5 hour long ride as well. I was just under 100 miles for the week and considering the conditions I was doing some seriously good work and feeling damn good doing it. I was very happy with this week of riding!!

Had my 1st wreck of the season...wrong tires for sand!

Had my 1st wreck of the season…wrong tires for sand!

heat index over 100F and windy...1 of many stops to refill water bottles

heat index over 100F and windy…1 of many stops to refill water bottles

















These days the run is about survival. It’s always hot, it’s always humid, and it’s always hard. Success is only having to stop on the mile to water down with a hose instead of every other minute. The combination of acclimation, salt consumption, shade, and moving at a snail’s pace finally allowed me to “run” again.

It was still miserable, there is no way around that when it’s over 90 F and a humid swamp, but it is what it is…Like the pool, just held my head up and grinded out the miles focusing on what I could control….form, breathing, hydrating and managed right about 20 miles for the week.

The best part of the week….without a doubt….was the recovery…..


Ahhhh, what we could all do with more free time like this, huh??!!! 🙂

Now it’s back to reality for a week or so then we head out to Texas to visit family and get a little summer race action in as well.

I vaguely remember saying, a few years ago, would NEVER, EVER… race in Texas, in July again…

So the story always goes….

Never say never!

Train Happy, My Friends!


Ahhh….Ok That’s Better!


This is me crying, “UNCLE!” 😉

I’ve gotten a zillion emails asking where the hell my race reports are…

No excuses…

Life has simply taken over….

Between our son graduating 8th grade, taking care of my husband after his 10k bride swim, our vacation which included ANOTHER triathlon, trying to regain some sort of run fitness after battling this ITB injury (while not injuring anything else in the process), and then taking a day to breathe….. I’ve simply fallen way behind.

REALLY far behind….

As in, my bike needs a new cockpit set-up and I can’t seem to find the time to get it done…. kind of far behind….

This week I’m working diligently to get everything taken care of, around here, once and for all. Even those little mundane tasks like paying the electric and water bills!! oopsie!

I’m also promising (loosely) to post my race re-caps later this week….I think…

most certainly before next weekend’s NOLA 5150!!

In the meantime, let us all:

It’s a freakin’ crazy time of year!!

Run Happy, My Friends!

A Room With A View



a lil’ bit of overdue R&R…

what could be better…

view from the family room/back upper deck

Unless it’s combined with some good ole fashioned racing!!

It seems like FOREVER since I racked into transition and got body marked.

April is pretty close to forever, isn’t it???

Saturday we will be participating in the Grandman Triathlon in Fairhope, AL.

It’s just a short sprint consisting of a 600m swim, 18mi bike, and a 5k run, but enough to test the waters to see how my knee/ITB hold ups through some exertion as I start trying to get some running fitness back in time for the NOLA 5150 in late June.

As of now, things are progressing nicely and as expected. I can physically run the distance, but the heat and humidity is making it harder than I’d like.

I’m certainly not doing it at my spring pace. Some of that is due to the climate and some of it is simply due to simply needing to get my legs back.

All in good time.

For this race, my REAL goals have nothing to do with time or placement (REALLY, I SWEAR 🙂 )….

The short list:

  • lightening quick transition times
  • actually pushing my pace on the bike, to where I’m a bit uncomfortable, since I don’t need to worry about “saving” anything for the run…
  • swimming calm and relaxed, but strong and determined
  • to finish the 5k in under 30mins without discomfort…not the 7:56 pace of spring, but I wouldn’t hit that anyway with this heat and humidity
  • REALLY enjoy the event, realizing the 5150 is the next “big” one

I really should add figuring out the multi-sport function on my Garmin 910XT as well, but I can’t make any promises on THAT

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend training and racing.

Good Luck to everyone.

Stay Cool. Hydrate. It’s brutal out there!

Run Happy, My Friends!