Can You Do 100?

Yesterday I began the challenge : 7 weeks to 100 push-ups.

My strength training regimen has been sub-par, to put it mildly, since race season ramped up. I figure this is a quick and easy way to get a fairly complete upper body strength session in without compromising any of my swim/bike/run miles OR more importantly any recovery time.

The 100 Push Up Challenge is basically a 7 week program that builds up to one ultimate goal: to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups. The program is tiered to your current fitness level which means it is suitable for all… no excuses!

First you start with your initial test (how many push ups you can do without stopping) to figure out where to start in the program and then the next day you start on your program.

I was able to crank out 26 (with good form!) on the initial test, but was so sore the next day I couldn’t even THINK about starting the program. After about 3 days of stretching I was able to start the program completing 5 sets of various lengths with a total of 55 push ups recorded. Today my upper body fatigued a bit sooner than normal in the pool but, I was still able to finish my workout and I don’t have that dull ache in my chest, like I did last week after the initial “evaluation”.

Gotta love good ole muscle memory 😉 !

The folks over at 100 push up challenge also have all kinds of other programs for your pleasure: 100 squat , 150 dips, 50 pull-ups, 200 sit ups and much, much more! Who knew you could torture yourself so easily, log it all on your iPhone or android device, and then get a nifty badge for your blog once you’ve succeeded!

Head over to the 100 push up website, look things over, and consider taking the challenge yourself. Let me know how it’s going!

Good Luck!

Train Happy, My Friends!

7 thoughts on “Can You Do 100?

  1. That is a great challenge! We did a marathon challenge last week— where you run a marathon over a week’s time. This week it is 70 miles on the bike. But next week— I just may need to start this! 🙂

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

    • Such a good idea…sometimes the word “marathon” just evokes fear..Your weekly challenge makes it feel so much more managable. Just like the push ups…I couldn’t believe I was able to do 55 when I added up all my sets!! Small pieces make a big ole pie!!!

  2. I have tried this before a few times and have always abandoned. Maybe this winter. Right now I can do 30 good ones. And usually a set totaling 100.

  3. I really wanted to abandon the whole bag today…AND IT WAS ONLY workout #2 HA!! I’m counting on the fact that I verbalized it to all of cyber to keep me honest. I’m just so unmotivated for any strength/conditioning after 90+ minutes of endurance work !!

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